Dragon Bash (achievements)

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Dragon Bash is an achievement category that tracks the events of the Dragon Bash release.

Dragon Bash (achievements).png
Dragon Bash (Festivals)
Total achievements: 15 156Achievement points


  1. ^ Cheerful Ingester: The following consumables count towards Cheerful Ingester:
    Item Trading post
    Buy Sell
    Dragon's Revelry Starcake.pngDragon's Revelry Starcake
    Kralkachocolate Bar.pngKralkachocolate Bar
    Koi Cake.pngKoi Cake
    Dragon's Breath Bun.pngDragon's Breath Bun
    Dragonfly Cupcake.pngDragonfly Cupcake
    Dragonfish Candy.pngDragonfish Candy
    Slice of Candied Dragon Roll.pngSlice of Candied Dragon Roll
  2. ^ Color the Sky: Using Fireworks Launchers throughout Hoelbrak will count towards the achievement. Similarly, interacting with Dragon Bash Firework Launcher guild decorations will also count for the achievement, but unlike the other launchers, they can be fired repeatedly without any kind of cooldown.
    Location of Fireworks Launchers
  3. ^ Paper Dragon: Dragon Piñata spawned as part of the Piñata Bashing adventure do not count.
    Location of Dragon Piñatas