April Fools' Day 2021

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For April Fools' Day 2021, Anet released an April Fools Patch with humorous "updates".

ArenaNet's fools

Gigantic cat

Primary article: Gigantic cat

The Gigantic cats from previous year are still available and they can be seen via either the usage of the Powerful Potion of Dredge Slaying.pngChatoyant Elixir or the new Topaz Heart.pngChatoyant Lens added with the March 23, 2021 game update. Since the addition of the new trinket and a new merchant, they can now be seen even outside April Fools' event.

Choya Wars 2

The illustrious choya sage recognizes the epic accomplishments of the greatest choya warriors.

— Choya Carnival! map description

Choya Carnival special event.
Primary article: Choya Wars 2

On April Fools' Day 2021 the Choya Wars 2 achievement category was added under Festival section and every player who logged into a city received Spiked Choya Psionic Tonic.pngSpiked Choya Psionic Tonic, usable only during April Fools'. A special event "Choya Carnival!" was also available for 6 days where you can visit Choya Sage in Lion's Arch to learn more. Several choya also invaded Eye of the North, with some even dancing on the table.

Community Fools


The dark mode of the site was updated to resemble 90's websites with pastel and neon colors.


The Guild Wars 2 Reddit Discord server added the Discord notification icon over their usual server icon.

Other fools

Reddit/twitter user that_shaman, who frequently shares information about upcoming features via data mining, made a browser game called Inventory Manager.

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