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Revels & Rivals

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Revels & Rivals

1332 AE
The Icebrood Saga
Prologue: Bound by Blood
Grothmar Valley
Preceded by
Coming Home
Followed by
Bad Blood

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Revels & Rivals is the second story step of Prologue: Bound by Blood, the prologue episode of The Icebrood Saga.


Ease any anxieties about Aurene.
  • Participate in events to reassure the legions about your presence.
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Meet with Crecia.
  • Speak to Smodur the Unflinching of the Iron Legion.
    • (Help repair the engine.)
    • Parts replaced::[sic] x/4
    • Return to Smodur.
  • Speak to Malice Swordshadow of the Ash Legion.
  • Speak to Efram Greetsglory of the Flame Legion.
    • (Reassure the Flame Legion cubs.)
    • Reassure the Flame Legion cubs::[sic] x/3
    • Return to Efram.
  • Check in with Almorra Soulkeeper.
    • Distract the Minister of Morale so Almorra can slip away.
  • Report back to Crecia.




Chaperone Prologue: Bound by Blood 1Achievement points
There's always time to swing by and check on Braham. Personally Checked On Braham at Every Opportunity 1Achievement points
  • Once you have completed your first event in the "Participate in events to reassure the legions about your presence." stage, visit the Rank 'n' File Pub to trigger a conversation between Braham & Ryland. Then finish all of the events needed to move on to the next part of the chapter.
  • Once you have completed speaking to the first imperator, you'll get a conversation from Braham over the intercoms. Visit him in the corn field at the Rusty Meadows.
  • After talking to the second imperator, you'll get another conversation from Braham over the intercoms telling you he's in The Ooze Pit. You will find him to the west of the Contender's Colosseum, in the stands with Ryland.
  • After talking to the third imperator, once again Braham comes over the coms. He's attending the concert at Blood Stand Stage in The Crag. Visit him in the stands to complete the achievement.
  • Almora counts as an imperator for this achievement.
Cub Consoler Prologue: Bound by Blood 1Achievement points
Make sure all the Flame Legion cubs feel okay. Made Sure All the Flame Legion Cubs Felt Okay 1Achievement points
  • Select the correct option for each cub:
    • Prisca — "I'm sorry. But sometimes, with a little patience, things get better."
    • Flame Cub (Middle) — "Peace's a tough mission. Flame Legion elders need your help to complete it."
    • Flame Cub (East) — "You'll always be Flame Legion, but the legions need each other."
This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Meet Your Imperator Prologue: Bound by Blood 0Achievement points
Came Face-to-Face with the Leader of Your Legion 0Achievement points
Revels & Rivals Prologue: Bound by Blood 1Achievement points
Complete Revels & Rivals.Journal: Revels & Rivals Completed Completed Revels & Rivals 1Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.








Joining the festivities[edit]

Upon entering the zone after completing Coming Home:

Bangar Ruinbringer: Imperator Ruinbringer here. Your orders for this celebration: Hone your skills. Meet and mingle. Learn from each other.
Bangar Ruinbringer: After all: Warband above self. Legion above warband. Charr above legion... Charr above all.

Each dialogue shows up after a certain number of event completions

Braham Eirsson: Rytlock never said he had a son.
Ryland Steelcatcher: He wouldn't. That's not how we do things here.
Gorrik: Braham? Braham, your comm is—
Rytlock Brimstone: No. Let him.
Braham Eirsson: You know why they call me Eirsson? Because I'm Eir's son.
Ryland Steelcatcher: (laughs)
Braham Eirsson: Why they call you Steelcatcher?
Ryland Steelcatcher: I'm from the Steel warband. Back in the fahrar, our primus used to beat us with a rod to toughen us up. Until one day he didn't.
Braham Eirsson: I'll drink to that. Bottoms up.
Braham Eirsson: So, uh. What's the deal with Rytlock and Crecia?
Ryland Steelcatcher: Well, she's my dam, so...
Braham Eirsson: (heaving sounds)
Ryland Steelcatcher: I thought norn were supposed to be able to hold their ale. How you doing, buddy?
Braham Eirsson: Been better. Been worse. Our parents used to be friends, you know? My mother, your uh...Rytlock.
Ryland Steelcatcher: Sire. He's my sire.
Braham Eirsson: S'good tradition. Tradition's important. Family. ...Ones you choose.
Ryland Steelcatcher: You don't have to be Eirsson, Braham. Be Crystalsmasher. Be Toothsplitter.
Braham Eirsson: You heard about that?
Ryland Steelcatcher: Everybody heard about that.
Braham Eirsson: —and then he was gone, sunk beneath the ice.
Braham Eirsson: Just me. My guild. Wind howling in our ears. Thought the Spirits were laughing at me. I was so angry.
Ryland Steelcatcher: Where are they now? Your guild?
Braham Eirsson: Dunno. Hoelbrak. Shiverpeaks. Doesn't matter.
Ryland Steelcatcher: They're your warband. It matters.
Braham Eirsson: You wouldn't understand. Bet nobody's ever looked at you like you were a disappointment. Not in your damn life.
Ryland Steelcatcher: Come on. You wanna go a round in the pits? Show 'em what we're made of?
Braham Eirsson: Lead the way, golden boy.
Gorrik: Can we please

Checking in on Braham as part of the Chaperone achievement[edit]

At the Rank'n'File Pub while completing events

Braham Eirsson: A strong ale for a strong norn.
Ryland Steelcatcher: That a saying where you come from?
Braham Eirsson: It is now.

At Rusty Meadows corn field after talking to the first Imperator

Braham Eirsson: Ha! Twenty! Ah I told you I could do it!
Ryland Steelcatcher: Burn me, you can really put it away. Take mine, too.
Braham Eirsson: Don't have to tell me twice. I love diplomacy!

At Contender's Colosseum after talking to the second Imperator

Ryland Steelcatcher: Ash Legion? More like Trash Legion!
Braham Eirsson: Whoa... Can you just...say that?
Ryland Steelcatcher: It's all in the spirit of friendly competition. Give it a shot!

At Blood Stand Stage after talking to the third Imperator

Braham Eirsson: Norn music is legendary! We have this one song. Dragonrender. You'd really like it.
Ryland Steelcatcher: That about the tooth? The one you cracked?
Braham Eirsson: Asgeir knocked it out of his mouth first. BAM. Jormag didn't know what hit him.

Meeting the leaders[edit]

Talking to Crecia at Rally Pavilion (after reassuring the Legions that there is no threat from you)

Crecia Stoneglow: Nice work out there, Commander.
<Character name>: People seem to be having a good time.
Crecia Stoneglow: So far. You should still check in with the other imperators.
Crecia Stoneglow: They should be at their respective camps. Earn their trust; that'll help smooth things over.
If charr:
Crecia Stoneglow: You've been away so long, they've forgotten you're one of us.
Crecia Stoneglow: One more thing: I've received word that General Soulkeeper is here. If you have time, check on her near the tents?
Crecia Stoneglow: She and Bangar tend to butt heads, and I'd like to avoid another...incident.

Approaching Malice Swordshadow

Marjory Delaqua: The other legions are pulling out all the stops, but not you. Where are your tents? Your people? Why such a small display?
Malice Swordshadow: You don't like our firepit?
Marjory Delaqua: Deflection. Interesting...
If Ash Legion charr:
Malice Swordshadow: Ah, I'd recognize one of our own anywhere. Welcome, Commander!
Malice Swordshadow: Commander. It's an honor to meet the dragonslayer in the flesh.
Malice Swordshadow: I apologize for the meager display. We're spies, not politicians. We don't put on shows.
Marjory Delaqua: And yet you saw fit to make an appearance in person? A busy leader like you?
Malice Swordshadow: You were hoping to get a feel for me. But I'm not the one you should be keeping an eye on.
<Character name>: You mean Aurene.
If visited the Blood Legion (Crecia) previously:
Malice Swordshadow: You're here to "smooth things over," is that right?
If visited the Flame Legion (Efram) previously:
Malice Swordshadow: "It's a new world." Exciting. But also: dangerous.
if visited the Iron Legion (Smodur) previously:
Malice Swordshadow: I mean, I'm no "visionary," but...
<Character name>: You've been following me?
Marjory Delaqua: I knew Ash Legion wouldn't miss an opportunity for some good, old-fashioned reconnaissance.
Malice Swordshadow: Smodur and Bangar are both vying for Khan-Ur. Then there's the small matter of Flame Legion...and your dragon.
Marjory Delaqua: Aurene's the least of your worries.
Malice Swordshadow: She's the root of them. Kralkatorrik's no longer a threat, and right now nobody knows exactly what that means for us.
Malice Swordshadow: We have noticed a resurgence of Renegade and Separatist activity, though. They're getting...bolder. I don't like it.
<Character name>: Violent extremists trying to undermine the Ebonhawke Treaty on both sides. Great. What can I do?
Malice Swordshadow: Keep an ear out. I don't want to alarm Tribune Stoneglow but...
Malice Swordshadow: At a gathering like this, you never know who or what might crawl out of the woodwork.
If Ash Legion charr:
Malice Swordshadow: Oh, and Commander? The carvings will lead you. That's all.

Approaching Efram Greetsglory

Efram Greetsglory: Calm yourself, little one. If you keep your head, a fight is nothing to be afraid of.
Prisca: But you're big. And you're a boy. I'm not either one!
Efram Greetsglory: Remember what I told you? That doesn't matter anymore.
<Character name>: I'm looking for your—imperator. If you have one?
Efram Greetsglory: Not yet. Not officially. All we've got is the truce we negotiated with Ruinbringer.
<Character name>: And who's responsible for that?
Efram Greetsglory: I am.
<Character name>: I'd say that makes you the front-runner.
Efram Greetsglory: I hope. Took years—centuries, actually. But here we are. Those of us who want peace.
Efram Greetsglory: I'm Efram. And you must be the Pact commander. The dragon gave you away.
<Character name>: About that...
Efram Greetsglory: No need. It's a new world; she's still finding her place in it. So are we.
Efram Greetsglory: Ruinbringer demanded our cubs as proof of goodwill. Most have already been training at the Blood Legion fahrar but—
Prisca: I'm not going back there! Everyone hates me. Especially the other girls.
Efram Greetsglory: I expected some resistance from other legions, even with Bangar's support. But I underestimated the cruelty of children.
<Character name>: You want me to talk to them?
Efram Greetsglory: Couldn't hurt. Show them kindness...from one outsider, at least.

Talking to the cubs

Prisca: I don't like it here. I miss home. I miss lessons with just the girls.
Talk more option tango.png Change can be hard. But when a door closes, a window opens.
I live in a tent now. But your platitudes are noted.
Talk end option tango.png You're welcome, kiddo.
Talk more option tango.png I'm sorry. But sometimes, with a little patience, things get better.
Better how?
Talk more option tango.png You'll make new friends, learn new things. Until new just feels like home.
Well, you're old and I guess you have a lot of friends. I'll try to be patient and see.
Talk end option tango.png It'll get easier, I promise.
Flame Cub: We used to fight Blood Legion and all the others. Now they call us names. How can we be friends?
Talk more option tango.png Peace's a tough mission. Flame Legion elders need your help to complete it.
Really? They need me? Well, I guess if it's a mission... You're not horrible to talk to, Commander. Do you have any cubs?
Talk end option tango.png Uh...glad you're feeling better. Go make friends.
Talk more option tango.png You know, the Black Citadel wasn't built in a day. Time heals all wounds.
Are you saying that eventually we'll all be dead so none of this matters anyways? Guess I could keep that in mind.
Talk end option tango.png Right. Glad I could help.
Flame Cub: This is stupid! I had a warband already. But then they split us up. I hate Blood Legion. I don't want to be one of them.
Talk more option tango.png You'll always be Flame Legion, but the legions need each other..
I don't want to need them. I just want my warband back.
Talk more option tango.png Maybe it's Blood Legion that needs YOU. What could you teach them?
They don't know anything about magic. They act scared of it, even. I could...I could probably help them with that.
Talk end option tango.png That's the spirit!
Talk more option tango.png Keep your chin up, cub. Sometimes the thing we hate is what's best for us.
You sound like my new primus—except she speaks in orders.
Talk more option tango.png Well, then, I order you to look on the bright side.
Understood... When I grow up I can always become a gladium instead of staying with Blood Legion losers.
Talk end option tango.png Sure. Whatever gets you through...

After reassuring all Flame Legion cubs

Efram Greetsglory: Well, cub, what do you think? Give it another go?
Prisca: Okay. I'll try not to light anybody's tail on fire this time.
Efram Greetsglory: Thanks, Commander. Here's to making this new world better than the old one.

Approaching Almorra Soulkeeper

General Almorra Soulkeeper: I don't do rallies. Or concerts. More importantly: I don't have the time.
Varinia Stormsounder: You led the final assault on the Crystal Dragon. One of our own, a Blood legionnaire
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Gladium. I was a gladium before I was a general. Suddenly you can overlook that detail?
Varinia Stormsounder: You lost your warband. Terrible tragedy...
Varinia Stormsounder: But would you really deprive your fellow charr the chance to rub elbows with a dragon slayer?
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Yes, I would.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Oh! Commander! Sorry, incredibly important Vigil business. Very urgent. You understand.
<Character name>: Who was that?
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Bangar's Minister of Morale. Wants me to make an appearance at some...concert.
<Character name>: You don't want to celebrate?
General Almorra Soulkeeper: I'm just passing through. Kralkatorrik's finished, but there are three more Elder Dragons unaccounted for.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Don't worry. We won't do anything. Yet.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: The Vigil has an outpost in the Shiverpeaks monitoring the Jormag situation.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: I'm headed there now to deliver the good news in person. I'll let you know if anything changes.
<Character name>: Thank you, Almorra.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: You're welcome. Now, keep the minister occupied so I can slip out the back...

When distracting the Minister of Morale

<Character name>: What's this I hear about a concert? Am I invited?
If charr:
Varinia Stormsounder: The charr who killed Kralkatorrik! Of course! I was coming to talk to you next.
Varinia Stormsounder: Well. You're not what I was hoping for. But I suppose you did help kill Kralkatorrik.
Varinia Stormsounder: All right, Commander. I'll put you on the list. And try to keep your dragon on a tighter leash this time, yes?
Varinia Stormsounder: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a star to secure.

Approaching Smodur the Unflinching

Smodur the Unflinching: Pick up the pace! We got a lot more hardware to unpack!
<Character name>: Looks like you could use a hand.
If Iron Legion charr:
Smodur the Unflinching: From an Iron Legion star like you? Absolutely.
Smodur the Unflinching: If it isn't the Pact commander. Or is it Champion now?
Smodur the Unflinching: One minute you're killing dragons, the next you're hatching them from eggs...
Smodur the Unflinching: One of our engines broke down in transit. Renegade sabotage. Now we're all too swamped to fix it.
Smodur the Unflinching: Got some extra parts around here somewhere, assuming they didn't take those too...

Interacting with the engine without a part

Iron Legion Engine: This machine is still missing a few parts.
Talk end option tango.png Smodur said they should be in crates nearby...

Approaching Smodur the Unflinching after repairing the engine

Smodur the Unflinching: Nice work. Now tell me what you really want.
<Character name>: About the opening ceremony...
Smodur the Unflinching: You mean the part where your dragon almost Branded everybody?
<Character name>: She wouldn't hurt anyone. I tried telling Bangar—
Smodur the Unflinching: Hmph. Bangar. If we ever get a new'll be someone who has the vision to really unite us.
<Character name>: Someone like you.
Smodur the Unflinching: He didn't want to sign that treaty with the humans.
Smodur the Unflinching: Only caved because he couldn't afford a civil war on top of everything else. That, and he knew he'd lose.
<Character name>: You don't think he has the charr's best interests at heart?
Smodur the Unflinching: He's old. So's his thinking. For someone who talks big about the future, he sure clings to the past.
<Character name>: But understand that Aurene's not a threat. You're the visionary.
Smodur the Unflinching: Wish the other imperators could see it. With Kralkatorrik gone, might be time we all sat down and had a little chat...

Messages from Braham (each occurs after talking to a leader)

Braham Eirsson: Commander! Hey! It's Braham!
Braham Eirsson: Ryland took me to the farm where they grow their hops. They're handing out free ale samples!
Braham Eirsson: I think I've had like...twelve so far? No matter how many times I go back, they keep giving me another one.
Braham Eirsson: And here's number thirteen. (chuckle) Outsmarted 'em again, Braham.
Braham Eirsson: Commander! Commander! Guess where I am?
Braham Eirsson: The ooze pit! All the charr are punching stuff and yelling, and it's's just so good...
Braham Eirsson: Oh, Spirits... Rox, you've made my day.
Ryland Steelcatcher: Rox? Who's Rox?
Braham Eirsson: Commander! Commander, it's me! It's Braham!
Braham Eirsson: There's a band called Metal Legion here! And...some kind of fire..thing! Oh! And FREE ALE!
Braham Eirsson: You wanna hear a secret? Charr booze is really strong! I can't feel my face!
Braham Eirsson: Wanna hear another secret? You're my best friend! Okay, bye!
Braham Eirsson: This is Braham, by the way! Woo!!
Unknown Voice: You think you're better than us?
Ryland Steelcatcher: Well, he is. You saw him down there. Strength of a bear. Fists like clubs.
Unknown Voice: Fightin' oozes is one thing. Fightin' charr's another. This norn wouldn't last five minutes in the pit against one of us.
Braham Eirsson: That a challenge?
Unknown Voice: Kodan who lost their teeth and claws. That's all your people are. Furless. Pathetic.
Braham Eirsson: Come over here and say that.

Talking to Crecia at Rally Pavilion after visiting all leaders

<Character name>: Okay, Crecia. I met with the imperators. Nobody seems too upset.
Crecia Stoneglow: Good. If we're lucky, this unity celebration will go off without a hitch—
Braham Eirsson: Commander? Can you come get me?
<Character name>: Braham? Where are you?
Braham Eirsson: They let me make one call, and I said, "I'mma call my best friend in the whole world." And that's you.
Crecia Stoneglow: The brig...
Braham Eirsson: My face hurts. My fists hurt. Everything hurts. You're not mad, are you? Don't be mad...
Crecia Stoneglow: (sigh) Collect your norn, Commander. Let the guards know I approved his release.

My story[edit]

Grothmar Valley loading screen.jpg

Braham and Ryland seemed to really hit it off and left to roam the celebration together. I heard from them over comms—sometimes deliberately, sometimes not—about how much fun they were having at the All-Legion Rally. Meanwhile I made my own tour and checked in the[sic] with the other imperators: Ash's Malice Swordshadow, Iron's Smodur the Unflinching, and Flame's Efram Greetsglory. My apologies for Aurene's disruption seemed to go over well, and I got a hint of some of the intrigues among the highest-ranking charr, but by the time I returned to Crecia, there were new problems to deal with. Braham had managed to land himself in the brig for enjoying the festivities a little too much. With Crecia's go-ahead, I went to bail him out.

My story