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A Carved Path

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A Carved Path is an achievement in Grothmar Valley that involves solving the Ash Legion code to access their real camp.

Malice Swordshadow will hint at the secret of the Ash Legion camp during Revels & Rivals: "Oh, and Commander? The carvings will lead you. That's all."


A Carved Path Prologue: Bound by Blood 3Achievement points
Uncover the secrets of the Ash camp. Uncovered the Secrets of the Ash Camp 3Achievement points


Location of the symbols, marked in red.

Enter Malice Swordshadow's tent at the Point of interest (map icon).png Ash Legion Camp in Devourer's Ridge. To the right of her (see image) is a small cabinet with four symbols carved onto it. Memorize them. The exact combination of symbols changes daily.

Potential symbols
Smiley face Tree Animal Fire Claw Mountain Tail Waves
A Carved Path symbol 1.png A Carved Path symbol 2.png A Carved Path symbol 3.png A Carved Path symbol 4.png A Carved Path symbol 5.png A Carved Path symbol 6.png A Carved Path symbol 7.png A Carved Path symbol 8.png

Now head south into The Wardowns. Scattered about this area are eight trees (see map below) onto which a unique symbol has been carved; your job is to seek out the four whose symbols match the ones you found in Malice's tent and activate each tree in the correct order. You will hear a clicking sound if you selected the correct tree, but will be inflicted with burning if you select the wrong one or activated it out of order, and will have to start over with the first symbol.

Upon activating the final tree, a dialogue window will pop up informing you that a secret chute has opened. Enter it to access Recon Cove and complete the achievement.

A Carved Path tree locations.jpg


On interacting with the final tree
Something shifts at the base of the tree, revealing a tunnel.
Talk more option tango.png Go through.
Talk end option tango.png No, thanks.

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  • Commanders can set 4 different map markers directly on the world map, allowing to mark the 4 locations in order based on the locations shown in the previous map: Personal waypoint, attack order, defend order and rally order.
  • Giving each symbol a distinct name and typing them in chat helps remembering them and their order. For example, the arrow with 3 heads can be called "tree", or "arrow", and the 6 interlocking lines can be called "valley" or "waves". Creating a story out of the symbols can also help you remember them without having to write them down; for example, The happy man found a tree and cut it down with his axe before rolling the logs into the valley.
  • Four of the eight symbols correspond to symbols for the cardinal directions (north, south, east and west) mentioned in A Comprehensive Guide to Charr Trail Signs. It's unknown whether the four remaining ones represent the intercardinal directions (northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest).