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The Ooze Pit

The Ooze Pit map.jpg
Map of The Ooze Pit

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Location within Grothmar Valley

The Ooze Pit.jpg
The Ooze Pit

The Ooze Pit is an area within southern Grothmar Valley which has long been home to a large colony of dangerous oozes. Blood Legion has built a colosseum atop the pit where The Ooze Pit Trials are hosted, a challenge in which gladia may fight to prove themselves worthy of rejoining a warband.

Locations and objectivesEdit

Points of Interest
  Contender's Colosseum
  Ooze Pit Vista —


Ambient dialogueEdit

Colosseum-wide announcement
Iron Legion Captain: We're here today to offer some of you the opportunity to join a new warband!
Ash Legion Captain: We'll be testing you on your wit! Your strategy! Your mettle!
Blood Legion Captain: Separating the strong from the weak. Many will try. Most will fail.
Outside the Iron Legion gate
Ash Legion Scout: I saw a human here earlier. Practicing. I kicked him out.
Iron Legion Marksman: Probably would've gotten wrecked anyway.
Ash Legion Scout: Still should. Him and everyone else who's not charr.
Iron Legion Marksman: Uh...yeah. Yes, sir.
Upper level, west side
Blood Legion Soldier (1): I hope Tribune Brimstone visits the Ooze Pit while he's here. Be great to see him in action.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): Don't hold your breath.
In the central pit
Gladium (1): I took down twenty-five. No one's getting close to that.
Gladium (2): Well someone already did. Thirty!
Gladium (1): No! Well, you're still not close to Brimstone's record.
Gladium (2): One more round and I'm gonna wreck it!
After the Ooze Pit Trials
Gusta Wildfang: Can we get some skritt in here to clean up this mess? Don't worry, the trials will run again soon.


Crafting resourcesEdit