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Big Bluffs Hunter

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Overview map

Big Bluffs Hunter is an achievement obtained by slaying five champions across Jahai Bluffs.


Big Bluffs Hunter A Star to Guide Us 5Achievement points
Track down and defeat the rarely sighted enemies throughout the map.
  • Elasa the Elemental
  • Judge Aasma
  • Rilohn Broodmother
  • The Tooth
  • Vihn
1 Rare Enemy Defeated 1Achievement points
2 Rare Enemies Defeated 1Achievement points
3 Rare Enemies Defeated 1Achievement points
4 Rare Enemies Defeated 1Achievement points
5 Rare Enemies Defeated 1Achievement points


Objective Area Notes Map
Champion Elasa the Elemental Almorra's Stand In the north-eastern corner Champion Elasa the Elemental map.jpg
Champion Judge Aasma Fortress of Jahai At the Ring of Judgment Champion Judge Aasma map.jpg
Champion Rilohn Broodmother Rilohn River Patrols along the river, south of Riyid's Post Champion Rilohn Broodmother map.jpg
Champion The Tooth Ruined Procession In the northern pool Champion The Tooth map.jpg
Champion Vihn Central Brand Scar Patrols across the brand Champion Vihn map.jpg


You do not always have to participate in the kill to get credit for these targets; sometimes simply looting the Bluffs Hunter Reward chest which spawns on death will count.
  • Respawn timer for most of the champions (except Vihn) is 40 minutes.