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Disambig icon.png This article is about the mysterious area in Jahai Bluffs. For the drawing at Wurmhaven, see Unknown 2 (Jahai Bluffs). For the NPC who occasionally appears from rifts, see Unknown (NPC).
The correct title of this article is ???. The substitution or omission of the ? is because of technical restrictions.


Unknown (Jahai Bluffs) map.jpg
Map of ???

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??? is a cavern created by the Mists distortion that Kralkatorrik is causing by opening portals into the Mists all over Jahai Bluffs. It features a small portion of another world, with highly hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Adventure (map icon).png Run Around for No Reason



Astral creatures (Only while under the effects of Hallucination)


Adventure (map icon).png Scarlet Briar (Only while under the effects of Hallucination)


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Fungus: What if all the enemies you ever faced were actually you? Would you still feel like a hero?
Fungus: Go on. Pet Rytlock. What's the worst that could happen?
Fungus: Are you a dragon dreaming that it's a hero? If you were, how would you know?
Fungus: Would you eat a talking mushroom? Go on. Take a bite.
Fungus: What if there were a real world— realer than this one? A higher order, so to speak.
Fungus: Have you ever licked an Itzel? Itzel sweat shows you the stars.
Fungus: No time to spore. Gilly, gilly, gilly. You're late!
Fungus: Have you ever wondered what size you truly ought to be?
Fungus: What if you are an Itzel dreaming it's a Nuhoch?
Fungus: In the space between two asura gates, do you cease to exist?
Fungus: Is the "you" who returned from the dead the same as the "you" who died?
Fungus: Can Palawa Joko Awaken himself?
Fungus: Are they truly your friends, or do they follow you out of obligation?


  • This area is affected by low gravity, allowing you to jump higher than normal.
  • Approaching the mushrooms applies the Hallucination effect and spawns weak apparitions of allies from different stories.
    • Continued exposure applies the Bad Trip effect, which causes the Bobblehead Laboratory head enlargement effect, and turns aforementioned allies into enemies.
    • A heavily reverberated and slowed down version of "Faren's Flier" from the Heart of Thorns soundtrack plays while near the mushrooms.
    • If the Hallucination isn't applied, and Scarlet isn't visible, quit the active story and leave the area. Upon returning the effect should be present near the mushrooms.

Related achievements[edit]