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Disambig icon.png This article is about the mysterious area in Jahai Bluffs. For the drawing at Wurmhaven, see Unknown 2 (Jahai Bluffs).
The correct title of this article is ???. The substitution or omission of the ? is because of technical restrictions.


Unknown (Jahai Bluffs) map.jpg
Map of ???

Unknown (Jahai Bluffs) locator.svg
Location within Jahai Bluffs

Otherwordly Anomaly.jpg

??? is a cavern created by the Mists distortion that Kralkatorrik is causing by opening portals into the Mists all over Jahai Bluffs. It features a small portion of another world, with highly hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Adventure (map icon).png Run Around for No Reason



Astral creatures


Adventure (map icon).png Scarlet Briar (Only while under the effects of Hallucination)


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Fungus: What if all the enemies you ever faced were actually you? Would you still feel like a hero?
Fungus: Go on. Pet Rytlock. What's the worst that could happen?
Fungus: Are you a dragon dreaming that it's a hero? If you were, how would you know?
Fungus: Would you eat a talking mushroom? Go on. Take a bite.
Fungus: What if there were a real world— realer than this one? A higher order, so to speak.
Fungus: Have you ever licked an Itzel? Itzel sweat shows you the stars.
Fungus: No time to spore. Gilly, gilly, gilly. You're late!
Fungus: Have you ever wondered what size you truly ought to be?
Fungus: What if you are an Itzel dreaming it's a Nuhoch?
Fungus: In the space between two asura gates, do you cease to exist?
Fungus: Is the "you" who returned from the dead the same as the "you" who died?
Fungus: Can Palawa Joko Awaken himself?
Fungus: Are they truly your friends, or do they follow you out of obligation?


  • This area is affected by low gravity, allowing you to jump higher than normal.
  • Approaching the mushrooms applies the Hallucination effect and spawns weak apparitions of allies from different stories.
    • Continued exposure applies the Bad Trip effect, which causes the Bobblehead Laboratory head enlargement effect, and turns aforementioned allies into enemies.
    • A heavily reverberated and slowed down version of "Faren's Flier" from the Heart of Thorns soundtrack plays while near the mushrooms.

Related achievements[edit]