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Notes to Myself

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Notes to Myself

Item type
Account Bound
Game link
Notes to Myself map.jpg

Location behind Rilohn Falls.

Notes to Myself.jpg

Appearance of the book.

Double-click to read.

There might be someone in Yatendi village looking for this.

— In-game description

Notes to Myself is an item found behind a waterfall. Once picked up, it can be given to the Distraught Awakened in Yatendi Village. Once given to him, his name changes to Sonu and he moves to Sun's Refuge.



Being Awakened changes you, they say. Can't have that. Here's what I need to remember:

My father's side of the family. My sisters. My nephews.

Baked fruit.

Playing the lute, harp, and mariner's horn.

The coarse softness of a lion cub's fur.

Cool sand in the shade of a tree.

Cold mint tea with extra ice.

Tending plants—succulents are my favorite.

The sound grain makes pouring out of a sack. Shaved ice with sugar syrup. My favorite color is green—true, pull-no-punches green.

I used to sing, but something happened. It's better if I don't remember that part.


  • Can be destroyed safely after talking to Sonu.