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Memorabilia map

Memorabilia is an achievement where you collect items related to Sonu's past.

To start this achievement, you must collect Notes to Myself in a cave within Rilohn Falls. A Springer is required to reach it. The notes must then be brought to a Distraught Awakened located at the west edge of Yatendi Village. Sonu will then meet you at Sun's Refuge where you may begin the collection.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Memorabilia A Star to Guide Us 3Achievement points
Find the pieces of Sonu's past scattered throughout Jahai Bluffs.Awakening can be detrimental to the subject's memory.
Reward:Sentient Singularity.png Volatile Singularity
1 Objectives 0Achievement points
2 Objectives 1Achievement points
5 Objectives 1Achievement points
8 Objectives 1Achievement points


# Image Map Hint
1 Sonu.jpg Sonu location.jpg Spoke to Sonu in Sun's Refuge and accepted his request.
2 Toy Boat.jpg Memorabilia 2 map.jpg North of the Tree, one still floats; your favorite toy as a child, those red toy boats.
3 Memorabilia 3.jpg Memorabilia 3 map.jpg In a house in Venta, an old frame lies; its story appears to whomever cries.

Use the /cry emote whilst standing in the circle in front of the empty frame.

4 Lute (Jahai Bluffs).jpg Memorabilia 4 map.jpg Right is left, but next time it's wrong; in the courtyard you will remember its song.

Interact with the Lute in the Fortress Courtyard, accessible during the mount race which starts east of the Jahai Great Hall.

5 Desert Flowers.jpg Memorabilia 5 map.jpg Along the River of Rilohhn sits a large orange tree; with a view of the fortress, true love's flowers be.
6 Memorabilia 6.jpg Memorabilia 6 map.jpg Your favorite fruit, let that set in; a farmland's tree holds the key, to those who threaten.

Use the /threaten emote whilst standing in front of the small bush with flowers on.

7 Memorabilia 7.jpg Memorabilia 7 map.jpg You became a military man, though Awakened wear no suit. North of Wurmhaven, find your sword and salute.

In the basement of the Garrison Command tower, there is an object leaning against the southern wall that looks like the Dusk Experiment. /salute whilst standing in front of it.

8 Memorabilia 8.jpg Memorabilia 8 map.jpg In a graveyard from the right, pay your respects to whom they are due; one, three, then seven hold the clue.

The graveyard can be found in Crescent's Prosperity. Progress is tracked with the Spectral Energy effect after kneeling at first tombstone. Kneel at the first, third and seventh gravestones, working counter-clockwise.

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