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Dark Tools for Dark Times

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Dark Tools for Dark Times is A Star to Guide Us achievement.


Dark Tools for Dark Times A Star to Guide Us 10Achievement points
Reassemble Palawa Joko's staff.Missing since the final battle with Palawa Joko, this staff is far too powerful a tool of darkness to leave unaccounted for.
Title: Title icon.png The Inevitable
Reward:Staff of the Inevitable.png Staff of the Inevitable
5 Objective completed 10Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint Notes
Palawa Joko's Staff Head.png Palawa Joko's Staff Head Destinated to fall into your hands once you've fulfilled your role as hero. Earned by completing "A Star to Guide Us" Mastery.
Palawa Joko's Staff Shaft.png Palawa Joko's Staff Shaft Swept into the trove of a crystalline beast. Reward for completing Destroy the Death-Branded Shatterer.
Palawa Joko's Staff Pommel.png Palawa Joko's Staff Pommel Koss has long opposed Joko. Appropriate that he carries a keepsake of his fallen foe. Speak with Koss after completing Full House.
Palawa Joko's Staff Ornament.png Palawa Joko's Staff Ornament Stolen by one of the hunted. Reward for completing Defeat the Legendary bounty (Wyverns).
Palawa Joko's Staff Binding.png Palawa Joko's Staff Binding Everything has a price. Seek the woman who reeks of dirt and death. Bought from "Gravedigger" Fim.