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Koss on Koss, Volume Two

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Koss on Koss, Volume Two

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Sun's Refuge
(Jahai Bluffs)
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Koss on Koss, Volume Two is a book found in the Sun's Refuge in the Jahai Bluffs. It is the work in progress sequel to Koss on Koss (Extended Edition).


Crystal Desert


Koss on Koss, Volume Two

Koss on Koss, Volume Two: Life after the Cave

Author's Note: After the success of Koss on Koss, my publisher talked me into writing a sequel. Who am I to refuse? Keep in mind: work in progress.

First Day, 1094 AE [sic]

Today I begin a new chapter of my afterlife. At long last, Palawa Joko is dead—and I'm free to leave the prison I've made for myself.

But as I emerge from that infernal cave for the first time in centuries, I find myself hesitating. So many years have passed—the world I left behind has moved on without me. What if there's no longer a place for an old warrior like me?

No, I can't think that way. There will always be a need for Koss. I need to focus on helping those who need it, and on rebuilding the Sunspears.

And my family. Melonni, my children. Tahlkora. I have to find out what happened to them. This is my new purpose.


  • The entry marked 1094 AE was actually written in 1331 AE. Since Koss died in 1093 AE, it is possible that this is an error on the author's part.