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Koss on Koss, Volume Two

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Koss on Koss, Volume Two

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Sun's Refuge
(Jahai Bluffs)
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Koss on Koss, Volume Two is a book found in the Sun's Refuge in the Jahai Bluffs. It is the work in progress sequel to Koss on Koss (Extended Edition).


Crystal Desert


Koss on Koss, Volume Two: Life after the Cave

Author's Note: After the success of Koss on Koss, my publisher talked me into writing a sequel. Who am I to refuse? Keep in mind: work in progress.

First Day, 1094 AE

Today I begin a new chapter of my afterlife. At long last, Palawa Joko is dead—and I'm free to leave the prison I've made for myself.

But as I emerge from that infernal cave for the first time in centuries, I find myself hesitating. So many years have passed—the world I left behind has moved on without me. What if there's no longer a place for an old warrior like me?

No, I can't think that way. There will always be a need for Koss. I need to focus on helping those who need it, and on rebuilding the Sunspears.

And my family. Melonni, my children. Tahlkora. I have to find out what happened to them. This is my new purpose.


  • The entry marked 1094 AE was actually written in 1331 AE. Since Koss died in 1093 AE, it is possible that this is an error on the author's part.