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Stop "Joko" from recruiting the Awakened!

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Stop "Joko" from recruiting the Awakened!

Interactive map

Interactive map

Stop "Joko" from recruiting the Awakened! is a level 80 event that occurs in Central Brand Scar.


  • Palawa Joko?
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Awakened Resistance to "Joko"
  • Event bar.jpg


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.


The event begins with Palawa Joko? appearing and immediately converting one friendly Confused Awakened into a hostile Enraged Awakened, damaging a portion of the Awakened Resistance to "Joko" bar. He will then begin to attack players and will occasionally teleport to other Confused Awakened to begin a speech (see event dialogue below). While giving a speech, his defiance bar becomes active until his speech ends. If he is not interrupted, he will further damage a portion of the Awakened Resistance bar and convince more Confused Awakened to become Enraged Awakened.

During the second phase, he will begin to summon a number of Small Palawa Jokos. These miniature clones will independently attempt to convert more Awakened. They do not attack, do not have a defiance bar, and have much less health than the impostor Joko. The miniatures can and should be killed. These Small Jokos will continue to spawn every so often during the remainder of the event.

At the start of the third phase, he will summon a clone Another Palawa Joko?. Both the clone and the original will continue fighting and occasionally teleport to groups of Confused Awakened in order to convert them with speeches. In addition, his clone will provide him with a damage reduction effect [verification requested] while active. Ideally, both bars should be consistently broken to prevent further damage to the Awakened Resistance bar, and the clone killed. However, if Awakened Resistance is still high, it is possible to beat the event by maintaining damage and breaking the original Palawa Joko's defiance bar before the clone drops the resistance bar to zero.

If the Awakened Resistance to "Joko" bar completely drains, the event will fail and the Confused Awakened will be convinced to follow Palawa Joko? through his portal.

Related achievements[edit]

The achievement description is misleading. The achievement actually fails if the Awakened Resistance to "Joko" bar is damaged further after the initial conversion at the start of event. This includes conversions done by the Small Palawa Jokos. It is thus necessary to break the defiance bars of both Palawa Joko? and Another Palawa Joko?, and kill the Small Jokos at the same time. In short, to get the achievement, players need to have a perfect run of the event.

The key to obtaining this achievement is for only 3 to 5 players to participate in the event. Event scaling rapidly makes the fake Joko's and clone Joko's defiance bars much harder to break while causing more Small Jokos to spawn and giving them more health. Players have to keep alert and watch for when the two larger Joko?s are giving speeches and if there are any Small Jokos going around.

It is possible for very large groups to succeed and obtain this achievement, but the extreme amount of control effects needed to do so makes this impractical and rare.





Before event
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: They look more cheerful now. Sianna, do your thing. You know, with the speeches.
Ambassador Sianna: "With the speeches..." (sigh)
Ambassador Sianna: When someone as powerful as Joko falls, the world is changed. All you have to do is look around to see that's true.
Ambassador Sianna: Honor that sense of loss. It's real. But after grief comes a stillness. A time for rebuilding. We must—
(Palawa Joko? appears.)
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Is that—is that Joko?!
Confused Awakened: It's him!
Palawa Joko?: Hello, my ever-so-crispy little traitors! It's me! I'm back. Yes, Joko the Definitely Deathless never dies!
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Master! I never doubted!
Ambassador Sianna: You absolute boulder. This isn't Joko.
Veteran Confused Awakened: Master, you've come back at last.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Great one! I never doubted you'd return!
Ambassador Sianna: If you must lick someone's boots, how about mine?
During any of the phases (Later Another Palawa Joko? can say these lines too)
Palawa Joko?: Come, let's take back Elona! It's ours! Elona and its scrumptious Joko-shaped desserts. And its treasure too, of course.
Palawa Joko?: I'm here to restore order. I mean, look at how you live now. It's disgusting. You should be ashamed.
Palawa Joko?: Behold the answer to all your questions: me! The amazing, astronomical, all-powerful Emperor Joko!
Palawa Joko?: Join me, maggots! Joko's back. Poke me with your filthy fingers if you doubt. See? I'm poking myself for you.
Palawa Joko?: Infinite riches, endless life, glorious whatever. You know the drill. Joko makes promises. Joko breaks promises.
Palawa Joko?: Obey me. I, Joko the Very Eternal, as you recall, have the power to refurbish your ungently used families!
Palawa Joko?: Poor lambs. Poor, lost, wandering, questioning, grass-fed, herb-seasoned, succulent lambs.
If Palawa Joko? is interrupted by breaking defiance bar
Palawa Joko?: Arrgh!
When Palawa Joko? spawns Small Palawa Jokos
Palawa Joko?: Behold my myriad miniatures! Devastatingly dashing, at one-twelfth scale!
Upon spawning Another Palawa Joko?
Confused Awakened: What? Two Jokos now?
Another Palawa Joko?: Double the greatness! Double the fun! My majesty is limitless!
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Truly impressive, Your Magnificence. Please, will you take me with you? To safety? Away from here?
Ambassador Sianna: (sigh)
Veteran Air Djinn: How much longer is this going to take?
Ambassador Sianna: Working on it!
Upon event success
(Palawa Joko? is replaced by Definitely Not Joko.)
Definitely Not Joko: What? No! My voice! My face!
Veteran Enraged Awakened: You're not Joko!
Enraged Awakened: How dare she? Die!
Definitely Not Joko: Numbskulls! What they need is hope. Hope and certainty. They won't get that from you.
Definitely Not Joko: Sheep need wolves. They need a Joko. Too late for that now, though. Idiots.
(Definitely Not Joko vanishes.)
Ambassador Sianna: Thank you, Commander. You've opened their eyes.
Ambassador Sianna: It's hard to give up hope for how things were. It was hard for me. But the past is just that. Past and gone.
Ambassador Sianna: Put your hope in the past and be chained by illusions. But put your hope in the future, and your sight becomes clear.
Ambassador Sianna: We have a common cause—a future free from Kralkatorrik, where all can thrive.
Ambassador Sianna: We'll find you new hope. And homes. Come, walk with me.
Ambassador Sianna: Utumishi? (sigh) I'll meet you in Sun's Refuge.
Upon event failure
Palawa Joko? Come, my deliciously loyal lambs. Glory and barbecue await.
Ambassador Sianna: Well, that was... (sigh)
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: He left— He left me alive. That wasn't the real Joko! He was an impostor!
Ambassador Sianna: I congratulate you on your quick thinking, Utumishi. Guess there's nothing left for us to do here.