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Skyscale Stealth

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Skyscale Stealth is a War Eternal achievement and part of the fourth step of the Skyscale collection.


This achievement rewards items. Skyscale Stealth War Eternal 1Achievement points
Play hide-and-seek with your skyscale in Sun's Refuge.
Reward: Skyscale Stealth.pngSkyscale Stealth

3 Difficulty Levels Mastered 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Notes


  • The game starts when you interact with the "Home Base" marker, which will prompt a dialog to select a difficulty.
  • You can call target on the skyscale before hiding, to see the target once the hide and seek starts.
  • The skyscale does not hide its label so if you have the "Show all NPC names" option turned on it will be trivial to spot it.
  • The skyscale will stay in the area on the map around the words "Old Command Post".
  • Every so often (at approximately 20-second intervals on all difficulties) the skyscale will ping the map to show its location.
  • The skyscale will generally stay out in the open but will prefer spots near walls or around corners. On higher difficulties, it can hide high, on ledges or rocks, and it may occasionally hide among vegetation.
  • The skyscale will emit its specific sound periodically, using the "effects" channel. If you can't hear it means you're nowhere near it. There are two sound strengths, low means it's in the immediate area and loud means you're very close to it.
  • You can repeat the game even after the achievement has been completed.
  • You can target the skyscale. After it hides press 'T' then you can see it easily with a target on it.