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Garrison Historian

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Garrison Historian is an achievement in Jahai Bluffs that involves gathering historial evidence from Argon Garrison for Priory Historian Sivvi.


Garrison Historian A Star to Guide Us 4Achievement points
Bring Priory Historian Sivvi enough material to learn the whole history of Argon Garrison.Gathering primary-source documents can get messy. 1 Learned the History of Argon Garrison 1Achievement points
4 Learned the History of Argon Garrison 3Achievement points


The basic principle of this achievement is as follows:

  1. Turn in at least 10 Abandoned Supplies to Vigil Sergeant Eshid during Raid the garrison for supplies.
  2. Successfully Escort Eshid back to Soul's Vendetta.
  3. Speak to Priory Historian Sivvi.
  4. Repeat until you reach 4/4.

However, the game tracks the supplies you have turned in in a non-obvious way[1] which can make it seem like the achievement is progressing strangely:

  • Each objective level of the achievement is tied to each of Sivvi's four dialogue lines, which are unlocked per-character.
    • For example, if you have turned in 4 supplies on character A, then turn in 4 more supplies on character B, both characters will have only unlocked access to Sivvi's first line, so your achievement progress will remain stuck at 1/4. Gathering 4 more on character A or B will unlock her second line and progress you to 2/4.
    • Dialogue unlocks are permanent, so you do not have to speak to Sivvi after every run; turning in 16 supplies over multiple runs and then speaking to her will be sufficient.
    • You can unlock more than one line in a single run by turning in a multiple of 4.
  • Eshid must be successfully escorted back to camp for your run to count. It does not matter if the Raid the garrison for supplies event failed, so long as you handed in at least 4 supplies.
  • Supplies handed in during a failed run (Eshid dies before making it back to the camp) will not carry over to the next successful one.
  • Extra supplies handed in during successful runs that didn't divide into 4 also won't carry over.