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Full House

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Full House is an achievement to complete Sun's Refuge. To complete this achievement, you must complete eight other collection achievements.


Full House A Star to Guide Us 10Achievement points
Discover and complete all the collections within Sun's Refuge.Sun's Refuge was once bustling and full of life. It will be so again.
Prerequisite: Legacy
Title: Title icon.png Keeper of the Sun
Reward:Dragon Coffer.png Blessed Coffer of the Sun
1 Objective completed 1Achievement points
2 Objective completed 1Achievement points
3 Objective completed 1Achievement points
4 Objective completed 1Achievement points


# Objective Notes
1 Readathon Meet Laila and agree to her request.
2 Exhibit Aye Priory Archaeologist Roenn would be interested in any artifacts you find while out in the Elonian wilds.
3 Crystal Attunement Naja has asked for a variety of Brand crystals to study from around Jahai Bluffs.
4 In a Grain of Sand Speak to Ziya and accept her request.
5 Good, Better, Nest Speak to Taimi about Aurene's nest.
6 Memorabilia Speak to Sonu in Sun's Refuge and accept his request.
7 Poster Child Speak to Zaeim and accept his request.
8 The Convergence of Sorrow I: Elegy Find the Awakened armorsmith in Sun's Refuge.

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