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Jahai Insight: Scar Overlook

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Jahai Insight: Scar Overlook

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Venta Pass
(Jahai Bluffs)
Mastery Insight
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Jahai Insight: Scar Overlook is a mastery insight in Jahai Bluffs.


Crystal Desert

Getting there[edit]

  • Using a jackal, use the Sand Portal at ground level to the south of the Crystal Cavern point of interest. Then switch to a Griffon to glide north onto the plateau opposite.
  • Alternatively, canyon jump with Raptor. Finally change to a Springer to clamber up the rest of the way to the top.
  • Its possible to reach the mastery point by launching self high up in the air by using the Claw of Kralkatorrik if it happens to move nearby.

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