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First Spear Hakima

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Zaeim has become the Spearmarshal of these Sunspears. We serve his vision of an Istan free from Joko's grasp.

— First Spear Hakima

First Spear Hakima is the second in command of the Istani Sunspears. She dutifully carries out Spearmarshal Zaeim's orders, most recently planning a daring raid on Palawadan, Jewel of Istan.


As a native Istani, Hakima witnessed the cruelty of the Mordant Crescent and Istani nobles loyal to King Palawa Joko first-hand. Prompted by the rogue god Balthazar's invasion of Elona in 1330 AE, the Joko Loyalists began forcibly recruiting Istani to reinforce the mainland's army while also withholding food supplies from the countryside and claiming those not living in Palawadan, Jewel of Istan to be disloyal to the regime. When an eager Sunspear named Zaeim returned to Istan during its plight, Hakima was the first to be recruited to his Istani branch of Sunspears. The slowly growing Sunspears established a hidden base below the Astralarium, safe from the prying eyes of Joko's enforcers.

Over time, Zaeim's fame as a commander grew around the Isle of Istan, which prompted the ire of the Mordant Crescent who placed a bounty on his head in response. Eventually Hakima and other Sunspears urged Zaeim to take on the title of Spearmarshal, accepting him as their leader. Zaeim made Hakima his First Spear, or second in command, who would help him plan strategies for the Sunspears' campaign to free Istan from Joko's yoke.

The Istani Sunspears eventually learned of the deeds of the Pact Commander as well as the fall of Balthazar in the Battle of Kodash Bazaar. They also met with Shadows Agent Kito and established contact with the Order of Shadows who sent agents to help the Sunspears in their campaign. When news spread that the Awakened had mysteriously grown in strength and numbers after the Battle of Kodash and taken over Champion's Dawn, Zaeim hurried to liberate the oppressed town. Before leaving, he delegated Hakima to execute the long-planned raid on Palawadan.

Hakima met with the Commander who had traveled all the way to Istan to meet with the Sunspears to learn a way into Fahranur, the long abandoned city of the Primeval Dynasty. Although Hakima was glad to meet the famous Commander, she explained that only Zaeim knew a way into the ancient city and he had already left for Champion's Dawn. She instructed the Commander to find more information about the Spearmarshal's whereabouts from Priest Sazeer who was living in the area. After the Commander had left, Hakima rallied the Sunspear forces and sent them to raid Palawadan as planned. A number of Sunspears, assisted by Dragon's Watch members Canach, Rytlock Brimstone and the dragon Aurene, eventually assaulted the Mordant Crescent Great Hall to liberate the Commander and Zaeim who had been captured. Champion's Dawn would be liberated as well, strengthening the Sunspears' resolve to carry on the fight.


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Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]


Is there something else you would like to know?
Talk ls option tango.png Tell me more about the Sunspears.
First Spear Hakima: The Sunspears are an ancient order, honorable protectors from brighter years in Elona's history.
First Spear Hakima: Most of my brothers and sisters were Awakened and forced to serve Joko. You know them now as the Mordant Crescent.
First Spear Hakima: A few survived, in hiding. Recruiting to sustain the Order across the generations in hopes they might one day rise against Joko.
First Spear Hakima: Zaeim has become the Spearmarshal of these Sunspears. We serve his vision of an Istan free from Joko's grasp.
Talk ls option tango.png Tell me more about Zaeim.
First Spear Hakima: Zaeim was trained by a Sunspear named Kitur, until word of Istan's plight reached his ears.
First Spear Hakima: When Balthazar attacked the mainland, things got worse in Istan. Much worse.
First Spear Hakima: Istan was Zaeim's home, and despite his mentor's protests he could not sit by while it burned.
First Spear Hakima: Zaeim vowed to bring the Sunspears out of the shadows. To once again make them a shield for the innocent and the scourge of the corrupt.
First Spear Hakima: I was the first he recruited, but many would follow. Eventually we convinced him to take the title of Spearmarshal.
Talk ls option tango.png Tell me more about the rebellion.
First Spear Hakima: Balthazar's campaign on the mainland caused ripples throughout the Kingdom.
First Spear Hakima: Crops burned; trade lines disrupted. Shipments to Istan that never got past Palawadan.
First Spear Hakima: Joko's "loyalists" are comprised mainly of the island's nobility, and only they are allowed to live life within Palawadan, its port city.
First Spear Hakima: They control what comes in and what goes out. They decided food would not go out.
First Spear Hakima: When people objected, the Temple of Joko said those outside Palawadan's walls were disloyal—and didn't DESERVE food.
First Spear Hakima: It started out as a way for the nobility to feel virtuous watching half the island starve. But it escalated. Quickly.
Talk ls option tango.png How did the fighting start? (only after listening to the first three monologues)
First Spear Hakima: Issnur Isles had enough, and declared their independence from the rest of Istan.
First Spear Hakima: By then, the Temple congregation had armed themselves. The loyalists went down there, intending to make an example of the disloyal.
First Spear Hakima: Zaeim was prepared, though. He taught us a great deal abouit guerilla tactics.
First Spear Hakima: The Sunspears crushed the loyalists. Sent them running all the way to the northern shore.
First Spear Hakima: The Awakened garrison was manned by a skeleton crew-no pun intended-thanks to your... liberation of the mainland forces.
First Spear Hakima: Nonetheless, the Mordant Crescent sent fifty Awakened to find this famous Sunspear Champion-and end the rebellion.
First Spear Hakima: We don't know how he did it, but two facts are undisputed: those Awakened lie dead, and Zaeim lives.
First Spear Hakima: The people started calling him "The Hero of Istan." It galvanized the whole island behind him.
Talk ls option tango.png So what turned the tide against the Sunspears? (only after listening to the fourth monologue)
First Spear Hakima: The Mordant Crescent and their "loyalists" imposed martial law, even within Palawadan itself.
First Spear Hakima: They started conscripting the living, and Awakening the dead. If you won't serve in life, you can always serve in death.
First Spear Hakima: Anyone suspected of aiding the Sunspears gets rounded up for "re-education."
First Spear Hakima: With their supply lines broken, their families imprisoned, recruits getting harder and harder to find...
First Spear Hakima: Well, as you can imagine, things started falling apart.
First Spear Hakima: The Mordant Crescent would rather watch Istan burn than tolerate any commoner who shows some spine.
First Spear Hakima: And Zaeim and his Sunspear recruits-well, we have spines of iron.
Talk end option tango.png I have no other questions for now.

Note: First Spear Hakima will not speak to you if you have not yet completed the 'Speak to Archivist Rhadha' step of Under the Stars.


  • Hakima is the feminine form of Hakim and means 'wise' in Arabic.