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Lair of the Forgotten

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Lair of the Forgotten

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Lair of the Forgotten map.jpg
Map of Lair of the Forgotten

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The Lair of the Forgotten, once the home of the Forgotten, is now a hub of friendly ghosts in the Desolation. The ghosts have many origins, some dating back to the era of the Primeval Kings. Led by Dunkoro, they seek refuge from Palawa Joko's ghost eaters, all the while wait for the moment to strike against the undead monarch.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Help Dunkoro assist local ghosts (80)
Waypoint (map icon).png Lair of the Forgotten Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Wayward Watch
Vista (map icon).png Lair of the Forgotten Vista —
Hero Challenges
Hero point.png Shanna the Valorous (80)





Renown Heart (map icon).png Dunkoro
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Anvil
Merchant (vendor icon).png Halima
Bounty Board (map icon).png Order of Shadows Agent




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Godaj: This place is much nicer without that mummy. He had a very...distinct...odor.
Shadows Agent Issa: You shouldn't speak ill of the departed.
Godaj: I'm sure he smelled just as bad when he was alive.
Godaj: Why did the Order of Shadows send you here?
Shadows Agent Issa: My order and the spirits of the Lair have overlapping goals.
Godaj: So you want to work with us? We're just a handful of ghosts—we're not an army
Shadows Agent Issa: Precisely, and neither is the Order. That's why we need to work together.
Shadows Agent Issa: When the time is right, all of Elona—the Order and ghosts alike—will have to unite to overthrow our enemies.
Godaj: Then you can count on us. We want to end Joko and his tyrannical rule more than anyone.
Shadows Agent Issa: That's what I hoped to hear.
Godaj: You know, I quite envy the living.
Shadows Agent Issa: How so?
Godaj: When you get tired of waiting around, you can pass the time with a nap
Shadows Agent Issa: Ah, that reminds me - would you mind keeping an eye out while I catch up on some sleep? It was a long ride here.
Godaj: (sigh)
Shadows Agent Issa: I'm joking, of course.
Godaj: Yeah, yeah.
Shadows Agent Issa: Do you have a moment?
Godaj: Sure. What's on your mind?
Shadows Agent Issa: Do you remember what brought you to the Lair of the Forgotten?
Godaj: No, that was centuries ago. Iv'e seen a lot of things since then.
Godaj: I remember waaay back when Kormir was a Sunspear..I wish those soldiers had survived the years.
Shadows Agent Issa: We know a few who have. They're scattered, but they continue the good fight.
Godaj: What a relief. Seems like I can still smile after all this time... Thank you.
Near Bounty Board
Order of Shadows Agent: Take a look at the bounty boards. See if anything catches your interest.
Order of Shadows Agent: Looking for action and adventure, and maybe a little coin to go with it? Then I've got a job for you!
Order of Shadows Agent: Now would be a good time to check the bounty boards. We just posted a new contract.
Order of Shadows Agent: An Awakened called the Necrophage just made our most wanted list. Go get it!
Order of Shadows Agent: The ghost of King Jahnus has manifested. Send him back to the Tomb of Primeval Kings.
Order of Shadows Agent: Itching for a new bounty contract? I suggest the mad djinn Aszar, Swinging Pendulum.
Order of Shadows Agent: Ley energy has turned a docile ghost into a nightmare. Do the right thing. Lay Monifa to rest.
Order of Shadows Agent: We've all heard of Crackedhoof. There's finally a bounty on that overly aggressive rock gazelle.
Order of Shadows Agent: Legendary wurm Queen Ishraa has made an appearance. Make it a short-lived one.
Order of Shadows Agent: Looks like all of our bounties have been claimed. Never fear—we'll have more soon.
At Wayward Watch
Kane: I'm so glad Dunkoro suggested that we keep watch outside of the Lair.
Chessa: I know, just to get away from that curator.
Larano: And we thought he was insufferable when he was alive. Spending eternity with his ghost... I weep.
Chessa: He's twice the snake he used to be. I bet he still sends people into danger to protect himself.
Kane: That ghost owes me five gold. He never paid me for being his guide more than two centuries ago!
Larano: Let it go. What would you do with five gold anyway?
Larano: Remember the good old days when Balthazar was on our side, great heroes visited regularly, and bad guys were defeated?
Chessa: We could use a few of those adventurers right now. Most Elonians are either Awakened or enamored with Joko.
Larano: And they think we're poor, misguided spirits.
Kane: All of them were born into Joko's rule. They've never known anything better.
Chessa: I hate Joko.
Chessa: Joko must really hate us. He even went so far as to make those Awakened ghost eaters.
Larano: Well, he can't control us or turn us into Awakened. That spells trouble for him.
Kane: If he keeps sending his reanimated stooges after us, he'll get more than trouble.
Larano: That's the problem with Awakened—they never go away.
Chessa: Neither do we.
Larano: Where are the Sunspears? Shouldn't they be fighting for Elona and cleaning up this mess?
Kane: I haven't heard so much as a whisper about them. My guess? They're all either dead or hiding.
Chessa: That's a morbid thought. If they were dead, some of them would be among us.
Kane: I haven't kept up with the news.
Larano: I guess I was picturing a whole slew of them showing up to squash Joko's putrid empire.
Chessa: Speaking of whispers... There may be no more Sunspears left, but there is someone who could rally the mortals.
Kane: All right, I have to ask: When did we become...aware...of the present? Do you remember?
Larano: No. It's like going unconscious... You don't always remember how it happened. You just know that you're now awake.
Chessa: I heard it had to do with Joko's meddling in the Underworld. But, whatever it was, our minds are here now.
Kane: I feel like I'm on ghost eater high alert all the time these days.
Larano: Can we funnel some ghost eaters to the curator? Please?
Chessa: I wish, but no. Our friends are near there, too.

Crafting resources[edit]

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Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Orichalcum Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png Mebahya Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Flax
Plant resource (map icon).png Lentils