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Elonian Red Trout

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Ambient creature. For the trophy, see Elonian Red Trout (trophy).

Elonian Red Trouts are a type of rare and elusive fish found in Elona. They are highly sought after by locals. One can be seen in the pond in Sun's Refuge.


Crystal Desert


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Elonian Red Trout (trophy).png Elonian Red Trout Trophy Rare 1

How to Spawn[edit]

  • First, complete the Help the people of Yatendi village heart near the Waypoint (map icon).png Yatendi Village Waypoint.
  • Second, talk to Lofa on the upper cliff until he mentions, "I sent along some fish bait for the pond."
  • Third, go to Sun's Refuge and enter the pond under the waterfalls in the southeast.
  • Fourth, keep killing the Salmon that spawn every couple of minutes (note: the salmon may not spawn immediately).
  • Eventually the Elonian Red Trout will spawn.


  • The trophy it drops can be given to Lofa, awarding the player with the Fishy Business achievement.
  • There is a higher chance of the fish appearing during the night cycle. [citation needed]
  • Entering the pool might improve the chance of the fish appearing. [citation needed]
  • You can wait in the pond and hunt when the fish respawn. Fish respawn in about 2 minutes (usually within 1 and a half minutes). They can spawn longer when the player exits and enters the instance.