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Readathon map

Readathon is a collection achievement given by Laila in Sun's Refuge. It involves finding childrens' books across Jahai Bluffs.


This achievement rewards items.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Readathon A Star to Guide Us 3Achievement points
Find enough books in Jahai Bluffs to make a library for the children of Sun's Refuge.Joko didn't discourage literacy, but the choice of reading materials was somewhat constrained.
Reward: Mini Branded Riftstalker.pngMini Branded Riftstalker

  • Met Laila and agreed to her request.
  • A book about the history of another continent.
  • A book about a spiny creature's friends.
  • A book about the alphabet, approved by Joko.
  • A book about growing your own potted cactus.
  • A book about the history of a great people.
  • A book about loving...but not too much.
  • A book about reading the skies.
  • A book about the goddess of nature.
  • A book about a magical feline.
  • A book about rampaging choya.
  • A book about the hunger and yearning of dolyaks.
  • A book that teaches children about springer safety.
  • A book about honoring your elders.
Found 1 Children Book 0Achievement points
Found 2 Children's Books 1Achievement points
Found 8 Children's Books 1Achievement points
Found 14 Children's Books 1Achievement points


Objective Map Closest landmark Name Notes

Completion mail[edit]

  • Received 24 hours after completing achievement.



Thank you

To: <character name>


My name is Kemar. Naja told us all the new books in our library are because of you. My friends and I like the books very much. My friend Elio always said he didn't even like to read, but he likes the one about Koss. He already read it three times, and he can say all the words by heart without even looking!

Thank you for helping us!

From: Kemar


  • Once collected, all of the books will appear on a bookshelf at Sun's Refuge.
  • As all objects encountered give you an item, you must have an empty slot in your inventory in order to collect the books.
  • The books can be encountered and read (but not picked up) prior to unlocking the collection. You will need to revisit them after unlocking it.

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