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Displaced Vizier's Tower

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the tower in Jahai Bluffs. For other uses, see Vizier's Tower (disambiguation).

Displaced Vizier's Tower

Point of Interest
Displaced Towers
(Jahai Bluffs)
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Displaced Vizier's Tower is a copy of The Vizier's Tower as it was during the Human-charr conflict in 1071 AE, shortly before The Cataclysm. It was created by the Mists and displaced into Jahai Bluffs by the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik's new powers creating tears between the world and the Mists. At the base of the tower, two armies led by Imperator Ventus and Lieutenant Nerise are in constant, repeating, battle.

Getting there[edit]

  • Basic mounts route: Springer up the gold pillar north-north-east of the central tower, then clamber up the cliffs in the north-east corner. Use a raptor to leap to the northern tower (visited during the story). Again use a raptor canyon leap to reach the top of the central tower. It is also possible to use the raptor only by jumping on the rocks to the west of the tower west of the passageway to ??? (Jahai Bluffs). Jump onto the highest one of the three, then long leap (possibly may need the Canyon Jumping mastery) with the raptor to the hill with the tree on the east side of the passageway. Then long leap to the platform of the tower with the tablet.
  • Griffon route: Springer up the western wall (north of the vista tower). Continue to use a springer to climb to one of the domes above the vista. Switch to a griffon and flap over to the tower.
  • Tornado route: A quick and easy way to get to the top is to hitch a ride into the air on a passing-by Claw of Kralkatorrik.pngClaw of Kralkatorrik, then flying over to the tower on your griffon.

Related achievements[edit]