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Disambig icon.png This article is about the generic NPCs. For the service, see Merchant.

Merchants are citizens of Tyria involved in trading, though they do not offer anything to the player character. Some of them can be found at the party inside Garden of Seborhin, looking for a potential partner or new trading opportunities.


Crystal Desert
Shiverpeak Mountains

Heart involvement[edit]

Complete heart (map icon).png Be the life of the party (80)


Charr merchant in Gilfarn Plains
First it was ghosts, then it was branded creatures and now its the cursed renegades! They're all after my goods!
Talk more option tango.png Clearly your goods are valuable.
(If charr)
Of course! There's nothing like a charr gun at your side!
Perhaps you've heard of our craftsmanship, <Character's race>? Charr weapons are second to none.
Talk back option tango.png I want to ask you something else. (back to above)
Talk end option tango.png Good luck, merchant.
Talk more option tango.png What can you tell me about the renegades?
The renegades are charr who are afraid of peace with the humans. As if we don't have enough problems to worry about without the mice at our heels.
Talk more option tango.png What do you mean by problems?
Have you noticed that giant scar across the land to the northwest? Or perhaps you've heard of the immortal ghosts that plague your ruins of Ascalon?[sic]
Talk end option tango.png You have a point there.
Merchants at the party in Garden of Seborhin
Are you a guest of the prince?
Talk end option tango.png Just passing through.
Am I destined to find love here today?
Talk end option tango.png Sorry. I can't help.


Interested in something specific?
All prices are nonnegotiable.
I have everything you need right here.
I offer the best prices around.
What do you need?
I carry only the highest quality goods.
More people should learn to barter.
Greetings in Garden of Seborhin
I'll never find a companion to share my life with.


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