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Aid the Temple of Kormir

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Aid the Temple of Kormir

Elona Reach
(Crystal Oasis)
Renown NPC
Priest Hakim
You've aided the temple of Kormir.
Scout (map icon).png Scout
Priest Bashkim
3 Silver coin 38 Copper coin
675 Karma
20,320 Experience.png

Interactive map

Mend the refugee's injuries in the prescribed order, wipe Zaishen graffiti off temple walls, and cheer up disheartened refugees.

— Heart objective

Aid the Temple of Kormir is a renown heart in Elona Reach, Crystal Oasis.


Contributing actions[edit]

  • Kill Veteran Fire Hydras — 5% heart progress
  • Treat the Injured Refugees in the prescribed order — 3 of the below items for a total of 9%, +8% heart progress if you don't make a mistake, which is tracked by the Skilled Healer effect.
    • Use Branches to support broken bones — 3% heart progress
    • Use Stitches to mend deep cuts or lacerations — 3% heart progress
    • Use Poultices to relieve inflammation or infections — 3% heart progress
    • Use Bandages to cover up rashes, boils, or burns — 3% heart progress
    • Use Medicine to reduce a fever or pain — 3% heart progress
  • Speak to Disheartened Refugees and cheer them up — 3% heart progress
  • Wipe Zaishen graffiti off temple walls — 5% heart progress
    • Kill Zaishen enemy that spawns after wiping graffiti — 4% heart progress
  • Revive NPCs — 5% heart progress

Contributing events[edit]

Completion message[edit]

Renown Heart completion (cropped).png

Kormir Knows of Your Kindness

Our priesthood is grateful to you, <Character name>. Kormir herself knows of your selflessness on behalf of your temple and her devoted followers. With Balthazar's forces so close, I fear our troubles will continue. If you can find it in your heart to return and help us again, we would welcome your continued defense of the innocents we shelter here.

— Priest Haksim

You get:
3 Silver coin 38 Copper coin 675 Karma 20,320 Experience.png

Complete heart (map icon).png Merchant Unlocked: Priest Hakim

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