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Reach the finish line! (Crystal Oasis)

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Reach the finish line!

Event maps
Reach the finish line! (Crystal Oasis) map.jpg

Reach the finish line! is a level 80 mount race event that starts in the Free City of Amnoon.


  • Total racers finished: x
  • The race will end in: 5:00


Participants include, apart from players, the locals Nia, Berhanu and Izem, as well as the skritt Uttakt, who rides a warthog guided by a mushroom on a stick. These competitors do not pose a serious challenge to experienced riders.

The racetrack is mostly flat and presents no hazards except a number of jumps. The raptor is therefore the best mount to use. Training the Canyon Jumping mastery will provide a great advantage as it improves the raptor's effective speed. Pay attention to the raptor's stamina to allow you to take all jumps.





During the race
Zoeya: And the race is underway!
Zoeya: What are you waiting for? Get going!
Uttakkt: (laughing)
Uttakkt: Yahoo!
After the race
Berhanu: Next time.
Ebele: Was there a better route I could have taken?
Izem: I was too slow.
Nia: I'll do better next time.
Uttakkt: (groan) Tough race.
Child: Wao!
Child: You won!
Child: Woo hoo!
Refugee: Woo!
Refugee: Yeah!

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