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Crystal Oasis Insight: Glint's Legacy

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Crystal Oasis Insight: Glint's Legacy

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Glint's Legacy
(Crystal Oasis)
Mastery Insight
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Crystal Oasis Insight- Glint's Legacy map.jpg

Alternate route, via Forged

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Alternate route, via elementals

Interactive map

Crystal Oasis Insight: Glint's Legacy is a mastery insight in Crystal Oasis.


Crystal Desert

Getting there[edit]

Use the griffon to fly directly there, starting from the sand path above the The Teratohedron. This requires Jackal tier 3 to access; the sand portal is immediately south of the hero challenge in the pyramid.

Alternative (via Forged)[edit]

From the Destiny's Gorge waypoint, head towards Fortunate Strike. Once there proceed into the southern cave entrance, and up the rising rail track leading straight back. Be careful as there are several veteran Forged in here. From this ledge looking up you can see a Zephyr tent - this is the upper exit to this cave. Using a Springer (Level 3 required) jump up the ledges to the left, with the third jump requiring you to jump slightly around a corner to sit on top of a pillar, from which you can then drop down to the platform beside the tent. Climb the path to the plateau.

Once at the plateau, look for the angled broken scaffolding just below the mastery point. Use this and your Springer to get to the mastery insight.

Alternative (via elementals)[edit]

This alternative path uses some slightly harder jumps but is shorter. From the same waypoint climb the wooden path leading above the waypoint, and, heading east, use a raptor to cross the ravine. Visible on the world map is a green cutout in the cliff, which corresponds to a path curving left around the corner with air and earth elementals. Before leaving the cutout, mount a Springer and after performing a small jump onto the obvious steps, perform a further three jumps - one up the western wall, and a further two jumps to the south to emerge at the top on the plateau. Again use the scaffolding to reach the mastery point.

Alternative (via branded)[edit]

Similar to the above (elemental path), use your raptor to cross the gorge and continue around, through the cave. Hop down to the wooden walkway, and turn right, up to a small ledge on your right with small buildings. Change to your springer and go directly to the buildings and hop up to the top roof. Back out to the edge of the roof and hop up to the lavender ledge. Up and to your right is a large purple crystal ledge, aim for it. Turn to face the fence (east) and look above for a smallish hole between overhanging crystal and the fence, aim for it. From the ledge, continue with your springer, and hop at one of the side scaffolds. Continue forward until you reach the insight.

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