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Lost Lore of Crystal Oasis

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Lost Lore of Crystal Oasis is an item collection achievement requiring players to find 7 Sand-Worn Pages that have been scattered around Crystal Oasis that make up the Garden of the Gods.


This achievement rewards items. Lost Lore of Crystal Oasis Crystal Oasis Path of Fire mastery point 3Achievement points
Collect the fragments of the book "Garden of the Gods."
Reward: Garden of the Gods.pngGarden of the Gods

Collected 1 Book Fragment 1Achievement points
Collected 3 Book Fragments 1Achievement points
Collected 7 Book Fragments 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Lost Lore of Crystal Oasis overview map

Collectible Type Subtype Map Location Notes


  • Page 04 requires the Jackal mount and the Shifting Sands mastery (Tier 3 Jackal) to access, or can be accessed by Griffon taking off from the rock formations to the North, then walking along the sand bridge.
  • Page 07 can be accessed using a Springer mount and the High Vault mastery (Tier 3 Springer). Alternatively, you can use a Griffon to fly there, e.g. from Page 04’s location, or with Bond of Vigor even from where you found Page 05.