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Crystal Oasis Insight: Imed's Grotto

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Crystal Oasis Insight: Imed's Grotto

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Bay of Elon
(Crystal Oasis)
Mastery Insight
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Crystal Oasis Insight: Imed's Grotto is a mastery insight in Crystal Oasis.


Crystal Desert

Getting there[edit]

The mastery point is easiest to access using a Skimmer to jump up to the alcove and the point.

Alternative (Springer required)

You can swim to the grotto opening as visible from Amsoon. There is a small ledge to the right of the entrance where you can climb up and mount your Springer and enter the grotto.

Swim to the middle plateau, around the left. Around this corner there is once again a small ledge where you can climb up and mount your springer. Jump up the obvious steps to reach the mastery point.

Alternative (Springer level 3 required)

Use a Springer to jump on top of the grotto, and either a glider to glide across or a Raptor to jump the gaps above the grotto. May require Springer Mastery 3.

Alternative (Raptor only)

This Insight can be reached with just a Raptor but it's a bit tricky. In order to get over the short wall preventing access to the grotto, first stand on the small piece of rock between the base of the wall and the water on the northeast side of the grotto and summon your raptor. Face west and walk forward into the corner between the short wall and the tall rock wall encircling the grotto. Keep moving forward as you Dismount and you should be able to land on top of the short wall. This might take a few attempts in order to find the right spot, but the key is to aim just to the left of the smaller rock and press dismount as you are walking.

Once you get over the short wall you can use the same trick to get onto the lowest part of the central rock structure if you swim up to it from the south-east side. You can use the same trick of walking into the wall and dismounting to get onto a small nub of rock on the pillar and then jump onto the middle tier of rock. To get onto the last platform and access the Mastery Insight, first stand on the SE corner of the middle rock platform. Face NW towards a slight break in the stone, mount your Raptor and jump forwards. A key thing here is to turn on the Action Camera. This makes it reliably work. Once you land halfway up the wall quickly dismount and land on top. This jump can also take multiple tries in order to find the right spot.

Alternative (Raptor only)

Mount your Raptor at right side of entrance to grotto, move on the rock on the ground (to be a little higher), then jump (with Canyon Jumping) into the left corner of the entrance to the short wall/platform. After a good jump, you'll stay on the corner, then do small jump to get on the entrance platform. Next, there is a rock column on the left, jump on the small rocks at bottom of that column, then jump to the center rock platform, from here you can get to the insight with a few jumps.

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