Tomatoes in Bulk

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Tomatoes in Bulk.png

Tomatoes in Bulk

Item type
Account Bound
Game link

Double-click to unpack.

— In-game description


Vendor Location Cost
Apprentice District Promenade 35 Karma.png
Bhia Maker's Terrace 35 Karma.png
Caria Ashford Forum 35 Karma.png
Cemil Amnoon Southern Outskirts 35 Karma.png
Crusader Kruve Astrozintli Forelands 35 Karma.png
Flavor Scholar Raima Mistlock Sanctuary 35 Karma.png
Flimm Desider Atum 35 Karma.png
Garik Stronghold of Ebonhawke 35 Karma.png
Gurges Burnpaw Canton Factorium 35 Karma.png
Ingredient 35 Karma.png
Kathleen Lava Lounge 35 Karma.png
Lachaidh Trader's Forum 35 Karma.png
Liv The Icesteppes 35 Karma.png
Mei Hawkslayer Loreclaw Expanse 35 Karma.png
Melinda Township of Claypool 35 Karma.png
Myrtle Mabon Market 35 Karma.png
Prazz Synergetics Union 35 Karma.png
Reimar Trade Commons 35 Karma.png
Sage District Promenade 35 Karma.png
Shar Champion's Rest 35 Karma.png
Siptikk Snowblind Peaks 35 Karma.png
Tik'sip Noble's Folly 35 Karma.png
Zenn Synergetics Union 35 Karma.png
Artisan (Master Chef) Blue World Citadel; Green World Citadel; Red World Citadel 35 Karma.png
Consortium Guard Thunder Ridge 2 / 
Pristine Toxic Spore Sample.png
 + 70 Karma.png
Crafting Supplier Red Borderlands; Green Borderlands; Blue Borderlands 40 Copper coin
Stranger Bazaar Docks 35 Karma.png