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Crystal Oasis Insight: Sanctum of Nabkha

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Crystal Oasis Insight: Sanctum of Nabkha

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Kusini Crossing
(Crystal Oasis)
Mastery Insight
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Crystal Oasis Insight: Sanctum of Nabkha is a mastery insight at the start of the portal puzzle around the Sanctum of Nabkha.


Crystal Desert

Getting there[edit]

You will need the Jackal mount with the Shifting Sands mastery unlocked.

Take the north path from Waypoint (map icon).png Destiny's Gorge Waypoint and keep going west to reach the Point of interest (map icon).png Southern Way Station point of interest. Now, head south into a building full of vampire beasts. Pass through the tunnel on the eastern side and use the Sand Portal directly below the tunnel exit. After using it, immediately blink forward in the air to reach an elevated platform. Follow the path in front of you, jump from the end of the staircase and blink twice in the air to reach the lower of the two portals in front of you. Then just follow the path forward to the mastery insight.

It may also be reached using a Springer with High Vault mastery and gliding. Use the Springer to jump up the southern cliff and glide to the mastery point. Alternately, with Advanced Gliding and a Springer, it is possible to climb the northern cliffs and glide across the canyon interior to the mastery point.

Alternatively a Springer with High Vault can be utilized to simply jump up the cliff face near the mastery insight, there will be a rock formation that can be easily jumped to, and leads directly to the final platform. Another way is to use Springer near the north point to climb up the cliff face, and using it in conjunction with the Raptor with Canyon Jumping to jump from platform to platform. You do not even need High Vault for this method to work.

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