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Mekele Bluffs

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Mekele Bluffs

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Mekele Bluffs map.jpg
Map of Mekele Bluffs

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The Mekele Bluffs is an area in the northern Crystal Oasis. A large stone quarry is located here, which is being excavated in order to provide the nearby city of Amnoon and other settlements with building materials. The workers' progress is often halted by incursions from the choya living on and around the cliffs.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Talatat Quarry
Vista (map icon).png Mekele Bluffs Vista —






Ambient creatures
Cave Beast

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Retired Quarrier: In my day, we worked this quarry day and night. We moved so much stone...
Retired Quarrier: You know, the original mesa our ancestors carved into was as high as the tallest structure in Amnoon.
Child: You were there when they first carved into the mesa?
Retired Quarrier: (chuckle) No child, I'm not that old.
Child: Were there always so many choya here?
Retired Quarrier: No. They must have moved in here to shelter from the Forged.
Child: I don't like choya. They're rude, and nasty.
Retired Quarrier: No one likes them. Although they say there's a mesa somewhere out there where kind, gentle choya live together in peace.
Retired Quarrier: It's said the dark secret of that peace is that they toss their most savage and mean right off the side of that mesa.
Child: Aw, poor castoff choya.
Trapped Quarrier (1): Can they reach us up here?
Trapped Quarrier (2): No. Look at those pathetic little legs–I doubt they can jump anywhere near this high.
Trapped Quarrier (1): (shudder) That one looked right this way with its beady little eyes! We shouldn't have come back.
Trapped Quarrier (2): You're the one who dragged me back out here to help you find your pack.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Mine resource (map icon).png Orichalcum Ore
Plant resource (map icon).png Cluster of Desert Herbs
Plant resource (map icon).png Flax
Plant resource (map icon).png Lentils
Plant resource (map icon).png Mussels


  • Mek'ele, also transliterated as Mekelle, is the capital city in the northern Tigray Region of Ethiopia.