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Collect as many casino coins as possible before time runs out!

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Collect as many casino coins as possible before time runs out!

Collect as many casino coins as possible before time runs out! is a level 80 group event that happens on the streets and roofs of the Free City of Amnoon.


  • [Round 1] Casino Coins received: x/150 Casino Coin.png
  • [Round 2] Casino Coins received: x/200 Casino Coin.png
  • [Round 3] Casino Coins received: x/250 Casino Coin.png
  • Your contribution: x
  • Coin goal met! Keep going until time runs out!
  • Time until blitz round ends: 5:00


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.


Casino Coins will be scattered throughout the Free City of Amnoon. Players must work together to collect 150/200/250 coins to reach the goal. Coins can be located at the base level, on stairs, ramps, and rooftops. It is advised to use a mount to gather coins more quickly. There are 40/38/36 coins per player; therefore a minimum of 4 players are required to reach the second round, a minimum of 6 players are required to reach the third round, and a minimum of 7 players are required to complete the event. Once the time limit for the round is up the event will proceed to the next round if the quota was met, or restart the current round if the quota was not met.

Mischievous Children can be found on the roofs; they will attack players with their Balloon Launcher, slowing players down. Enemies from the Clear out the gang of troublemakers to recover stolen coins event will also spawn and attack players, slowing players down.






Before event, during preparation phase
Casino Blitz Announcer: Welcome welcome! The Council has decided to host a festival to welcome our guests and raise spirits: Casino Blitz!
Casino Blitz Announcer: Casino owner Zalambur has graciously offered to sponsor and run the event.
Casino Blitz Announcer: Festivities will begin shortly!
Event start
Casino Blitz Announcer: Let the festivities begin!
Casino Blitz Announcer: Casino staff have placed coin targets throughout the city—especially up high—so jump on your mount and get hopping!
Casino Blitz Announcer: Gather as many as you can to WIN BIG!
Casino Blitz Announcer: Make sure to keep a tight hold on your wallet—there may be some unsavory types trying to stop you along the way.
Casino Blitz Announcer: And keep an eye out—there are a few bonus caches of coins scattered about, but they won't come easy!
Randomly during event
Casino Blitz Announcer: Teamwork is the key! The better you do, the better everyone does!
Casino Blitz Announcer: Those coins won't gather themselves! Jump on your mount and work together!
Casino Blitz Announcer: Everyone is doing great! Gather as many coins as you can before time runs out!
Round 1 successful
Casino Blitz Announcer: Excellent work! We've reached the first reward tier!
Round 2 successful
Casino Blitz Announcer: Amazing! We've reached the second reward tier!
Round 3 successful
Casino Blitz Announcer: And that concludes our festivities!
Casino Blitz Announcer: See a member of the casino staff if you have questions about your rewards!
Event end
Casino Blitz Announcer: Stay tuned for more exciting casino activities in the future.
Casino Blitz Announcer: A huge thank you on behalf of the Council and Zalambur for your participation and patronage.
Casino Blitz Announcer: And once again, welcome to Amnoon!


  • In each round, there is a limited amount of coins one player can find through the city: it is 40 for the 1st, 38 for the 2nd, 36 for the 3rd respectively. Additional coins may be earned by completing the Clear out the gang of troublemakers to recover stolen coins bonus event.
  • It starts every 2 hours on the even UTC hour.