Reins of the Raptor

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Reins of the Raptor is a Crystal Oasis collection achievement to gain a Mastery Point.


Reins of the Raptor Crystal Oasis Path of Fire mastery point 5Achievement points
Now that you have your raptor, take it out to help those in need at renown hearts, and gain tasty treats for your raptor as a reward. Collected 5/5 Items 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Hastily Written Letter.png Hastily Written Letter Given by Aksim, upon completion of the Sparking the Flame story mission.
Raptor Treat.png Raptor Treat from Priestess Karima Receive a treat from Priestess Karima outside of Amnoon in return for aiding the refugees at Marifa Refugee Camp.
Raptor Treat.png Raptor Treat from Priest Hakim Given by Priest Hakim in the Temple of Kormir for bringing him supplies from Priestess Karima.
Raptor Treat.png Raptor Treat from Mayor Kabir Given by Mayor Kabir in Destiny's Gorge, in return for helping the villagers of Zephyr's Trace.
Raptor Treat.png Cook Rehman's Famous Raptor Treat Requires collection of other treats first. Given by Camp Cook Rehman in the Marifa Refugee Camp outside of Amnoon

Completion mail[edit]




Proud to Know You

Tales are already being told of your exploits throughout our region. Thank you for all of your efforts to help our people in these hard times.


PS: Rehman—the camp cook at Marifa refugee camp—dropped by and told me to tell you that he's keeping Priestess Karima stocked with treats for your raptor, in case you find yourself in her area helping out in the future.