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Crystal Oasis Insight: Sifuri Quicksand

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Crystal Oasis Insight: Sifuri Quicksand

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Sifuri Sand Sea
(Crystal Oasis)
Mastery Insight
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Crystal Oasis Insight: Sifuri Quicksand is a mastery insight in Crystal Oasis.


Crystal Desert

Getting there[edit]

This mastery point is surrounded by deadly quicksand, a Skimmer mount will help you cross this hazard and reach the rocks.

Alternatively, if you don't have Skimmer, you can use the Raptor mount with the Canyon Jumping mastery. Stand at the West side of the quicksand pit and use two maximum-length leaps to reach the rocks, but do it fast as standing on quicksand will dismount you.

This insight can also be accessed via a glider - glide from either the top of the Temple of Atar or the rocks above it to reach the insight. This approach requires the Advanced Gliding mastery.

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