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Toxin-Cured Hog

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Toxin-Cured Hog

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Westwatch Patch
(Auric Basin)
Hero challenge
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Route from the Wanderer's Waypoint.

The Toxin-Cured Hog is an object found in Westwatch Patch. Interaction with the hog will replace all the character's skills and take away any passive effects.

Getting there[edit]

The Toxin-Cured Hog can be found in a cave west of Westwatch Patch. If Westwatch has not yet been powered up, then vines will block the path towards the cave from the south. It is however possible to drop down into the cave from the north - you can either glide south from the Wanderer's Waypoint, or walk northeast from Westwatch and circle back westwards, before dropping in above the hog.



The toxic cloud preserved the meat on this hog. It isn't spoiled, but could it be edible?
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Talk more option tango.png
Take a piece of toxic bacon.
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Talk end option tango.png
Leave it alone.


Taking a piece of toxic bacon replaces your skillbar with the following skills:

Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Eat Toxic Bacon.png
 Eat Toxic Bacon
If you can keep this down for a minute, it is sure to strengthen your resolve.
Redirect Arrow.png
Blood Reckoning.png
 Keep It Down
7 Through strength of will alone, keep the bacon down and recover 25% health.


  • Eating the Bacon causes the player to lose health over time. The key to success is self-healing through Keep It Down. It is possible to complete this challenge using Keep It Down alone, however doing so is reliant upon both timing and mathematical rounding in the damage taken and in Keep It Down's healing. As a result, the difference between success and failure can be very narrow.
  • Using Keep It Down after the fifth damage pulse, and then setting it to autocast, will likely succeed.
  • A nearby Bouncing Mushroom will allow you to exit above the hog if you have mastered the first tier of Itzel Lore.

Any of the following techniques can be used to complete the challenge more easily:

  • A nearby Adrenal Mushroom can be used by players with the Adrenal Mushrooms mastery to recharge the skill.
  • Other players cannot heal or apply Regeneration to players eating the bacon, but self-healing skills cast before the bacon will affect the user. Self-healing skills that players can use to keep themselves healed up during the challenge include:
  • Other players can apply Alacrity to those taking the challenge to reduce the cooldown of Keep It Down.
  • Other players can apply Barrier to those taking the challenge to absorb the damage taken.