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Treetop Retriever

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Treetop Retriever is an achievement that involves finding the bodies of deceased Pact members around the Tarnished Treetops.

Map of the locations, numbered as they are listed in the achievement panel.
The blue marker is below the level of the other red markers.


Treetop Retriever Auric Basin 10Achievement points
Locate the 10 lost Priory corpses in the Tarnished Treetop of Auric Basin.They made the ultimate sacrifice.
  • A female asura researcher was last seen north of Wanderer's Waypoint.
  • Since he went to an upper ledge to examine the Exalted portal, the asura researcher hasn't been heard from.
  • Someone overheard the Zintl boasting about finding the remains of a female charr explorer.
  • Echoes of a male charr explorer fighting a large colony of vampire beasts filled the canopy the other night.
  • A human explorer bailed from the airship too early. She was lost near Capitzel Grounds.
  • Heading east, the explorer was cornered by a jaguar. The human never made it down from the canopy.
  • An injured norn historian held off the bonebreaker so others could escape. Her sacrifice won't be forgotten.
  • A lower ledge broke his fall, but then the norn explorer was surrounded by Tengu scouts.
  • A sylvari historian got trapped along the northern cliffside of Tarnished Treetop. She had little chance to survive.
  • An explorer tried to find his way south and down from the canopy. The sylvari only found a Coztic ambush.
1 Priory Seal Recovered 1Achievement points
2 Priory Seals Recovered 1Achievement points
3 Priory Seals Recovered 1Achievement points
4 Priory Seals Recovered 1Achievement points


Objective Location Notes