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No Mask Left Behind

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No Mask Left Behind is an achievement in Auric Basin that involves finding the masks belonging to fallen Exalted.


This achievement rewards items. No Mask Left Behind Auric Basin 25Achievement points
Locate and collect all of the Exalted masks left behind by vinetooths in Auric BasinCollect the masks of fallen Exalted throughout Auric Basin
Reward: Aurillium Node.pngAurillium Node

  • Eastwatch Bluff: Overlooking an Eastwatch pylon where an Exalted sage is pulled from his duties.
  • Griffonfall: Hidden at the bottom of a secret waterfall.
  • Morwood Wilds: Behind the vine wall, but be aware that timing is everything!
  • The Falls: Check every southern-side tree branch leading down to the falls.
  • The Falls: Somewhere behind the expansive wall of water.
  • Chak Hollow: Located within a southern alcove with a good view to the entrance of Tangled Depths.
  • Morwood Wilds: In the sky overlooking one of the blighted saplings.
  • Southwatch Creep: Look behind the northwestern wall that faces the outpost itself.
  • Southwatch Creep: Check the top roots when heading east on your way to the crash site.
Found 1 Exalted Mask 1Achievement points
Found 2 Exalted Masks 1Achievement points
Found 3 Exalted Masks 1Achievement points
Found 4 Exalted Masks 1Achievement points


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