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Trial by Fire

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the meta event in Auric Basin. For the Living World Season 4 achievement, see Scion & Champion#Achievements.

Trial by Fire

Auric Basin
(Heart of Maguuma)
Event type
Meta event
Part of
Battle in Tarir
Total events

Trial by Fire is a level 80 meta event that occurs in Auric Basin as part of the Battle in Tarir map meta event. The Exalted have set up various trial and challenges around the outskirts of Tarir, seeking powerful allies to help them reclaim their city back from the Mordrem.


If no outposts were secured during Defending Tarir
  • Mordrem have infiltrated Tarir! Prepare to stop them.
  • Time until assault begins: 15:00

Related achievements[edit]


Challenge event starting:

At Northwatch
Bastion Emi: No! The city gates! Mordrem!
Bastion Emi: Return to Northwatch!
At Eastwatch
Bastion Kiiris: No. Not vines again! The Mordrem have shuttered Eastgate!
Bastion Kiiris: Eastwatch is destroyed, but I will get help. I'll be back!
At Southwatch
Bastion Nuessi: What! Southgate is wrapped in vines! The Mordrem have returned!
Bastion Nuessi: Quickly, I must return. Southgate needs to be warned!
At Westwatch
Bastion Dion: Vines there can only mean one thing. Mordrem are in the city!
Bastion Dion: I must warn the others at Westwatch! I'm off!
Sage Jarus: My duty calls. I must defend Tarir.
Sage Volaar: The battle has begun! I must return home. They need me!