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Ancient Golem Part

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Ancient Golem Part

Other images

Ancient Golem Part map.jpg

Ley Line Gliding route.

Ancient Golem Part map (Lean Techniques).jpg

Lean Techniques route.

Ancient Golem Part map (Advanced Gliding).jpg

Advanced Gliding route.

Interactive map

An Ancient Golem Part rests high in the cliffs of Auric Basin awaiting unwary explorers. Interaction with the part triggers the group event: Defeat the ancient golem recovery squad. This event spawns at least three golems that must be killed within 10 minutes for the hero points.

After this challenge has been completed for hero points, it can then be activated and completed daily for map currency, experience and additional rewards.

Getting there[edit]

Start at the path above Fahautl Grounds and head northeast until you hit a wall with three Bouncing Mushrooms. Take these up and then flee or fight your way past the Veteran Quetzal Scouts. A ley-line energy flow leads from a western ledge towards the tunnel entrance to the hero challenge - any of the methods listed below will allow you to cross to the other side. In front of the tunnel entrance are a couple of Veteran Smokescales. Within the tunnel itself are dormant Veteran Ancient Sentry Golems which will activate and become hostile upon your approach. Stealth gliding can be used here to avoid the sentry golems.

With Ley Line Gliding

If you have Ley Line Gliding, simply ride the ley-line energy flow to the ledge.

With Lean Techniques

Near the ley-line energy flow, turn left to climb up a root. Leaning forward, glide across the gap to a tree in the middle. Climb the tree and then lean forward to glide across the gap to the cliff on the other side.

Ancient Golem Part lean path split.jpg Ancient Golem Part lean tree target.jpg Ancient Golem Part lean final glide.jpg

Alternatively, for a shorter glide, go to where the ley-line energy flow is, glide leaning forward to land just under the platform the ley-line energy flow leads. To the right (northwest) side there is a lowered branch resting against the cliffside, glide to it. Because it sits against the cliff, you cannot fly over it and miss. Once landed, climb the branch and cliff with a short series of jumps.

Ancient Golem Part alternative lean gliding path 1.jpg Ancient Golem Part alternative lean gliding path 2.jpg Ancient Golem Part alternative lean gliding path 3.jpg

With Advanced Gliding

From Waypoint (map icon).png Wanderer's Waypoint in Tarnished Treetop, head south across the bridge, past the Veteran Itzel until you reach a tree-trunk on the edge of the area, looking down towards Westwatch Patch. Jump off the edge and glide south, aiming directly for the platform with the Veteran Smokescales on the path down to the golem area.


It still hums with power. There's a red button on the side.
Hero point empty.pngTalk combat option tango.png Push it.
Hero point.pngTalk end option tango.png Leave.


  • This event can scale heavily with more people, with some golems spawning as veterans, elites, or champions depending on the amount.