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Auric Basin Insight: Southwatch Creep

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Auric Basin Insight: Southwatch Creep

Auric Basin Insight- Southwatch Creep.jpg

Southwatch Creep
(Auric Basin)
Mastery Insight
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Interactive map (Upper level)

Auric Basin Insight: Southwatch Creep is a Maguuma Mastery Insight located above Southwatch Creep.


Heart of Maguuma

Getting there[edit]

With glider

Head towards Balthazar's Rest from the Waypoint (map icon).png Southwatch Waypoint. Use the lone bouncing mushroom to ascend to a ledge which looks out towards a chain of updrafts. Gliding through the chain of updrafts (above the route you likely took to reach the mushroom) will take you back to Southwatch and to the mastery insight. Requires Updrafts and Bouncing Mushroom masteries.

With Springer

Alternatively, if you have a springer, you can jump up the cliffs underneath the insight in about four jumps.

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