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Burnisher Quarry (hero challenge)

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Burnisher Quarry

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Burnisher Quarry
(Auric Basin)
Hero challenge
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Route using Nuhoch Wallows from the Wanderer's Waypoint

Interactive map

High in the cliffs of Burnisher Quarry is a collection of energy with which the player can commune to complete this hero challenge.


Heart of Maguuma

Getting there[edit]

There are two possible routes into the Burnisher Quarry area:

  • The first is to take the Nuhoch Wallows south of the Wanderer's Waypoint in Tarnished Treetop.
  • The second is to glide across the bridge east of Northwatch Descent using the leyline gliding mastery.

Once in Burnisher Quarry, traverse the path in a counter-clockwise fashion to reach the Coztic Itzel overlooking Quazupl Grounds. From the highest point of the rock that juts out towards the updraft, glide over to the cliff with the communing hero challenge - using the updraft is optional and not required if using the highest point.

With a Springer you can do this slightly differently (and pick up the vista at the same time). When you reach Burnisher Quarry via one of the above methods, turn right (S) and jump up the large roots there. You can then glide (or raptor or griffon) across to the vista, and then glide over to the ledge that leads to the cave with the hero point.


Before completion
Hero point empty.png Another power node! The magic is begging to be used.
Talk more option tango.png Commune with this place of power.
Talk end option tango.png Leave it alone.
After completion
Hero point.png Such a powerful place!
Talk end option tango.png You've gained all you can from this place of power.


  • Some masteries may be required for this hero challenge depending on the route chosen: