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Sanctum Scramble

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Sanctum Scramble

Interactive map

Interactive map (Underground)

Jump, launch, and glide your way through the checkpoints and across the finish line!

— Adventure objective

Sanctum Scramble is an adventure in Tarir, the Forgotten City in which the player must race to the top of the underground sanctum, while passing through several checkpoints.

Getting there[edit]

Drop down into the hole northeast of the Waypoint (map icon).png Forgotten City Waypoint. Take the eastern tunnel to the Exalted Portal which connects to the Point of interest (map icon).png Inner Chamber (requires Exalted Acceptance). The adventure begins on the bottom floor of the sanctum, southwest of the point of interest.

Note: If you use the Exalted Portal Stone, the Inner Chamber instance will not have the Adventure.


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Skills 1, 2 and 3 are replaced with skills similar to those in Sanctum Sprint. The player must pass through checkpoints while climbing up an obstacle course using the skills given. Skill 1, Dragon's Wing, allows the player to leap high in the air. Skill 2, Dragon Surge, allows the player to quickly dash forwards a large distance. Dragon Surge can also be used while gliding. Skill 3, Dragon's Pounce, allows the player to leap in a high arc to a targeted area. The player can glide while leaping, which interrupts the leap. The player can use Dragon's Pounce while falling, but not while gliding.

The adventure will end either if the timer runs out, if the player is killed, or upon reaching the end.


  • Dragon Surge can be used while gliding. This causes you to glide faster than normal and can allow you to skip major sections.
  • Dragon Surge's cooldown will be reduced significantly if cancelled early. This lets you use it more often. Cancel it by pressing the same skill key again.
  • Dragon's Pounce can target the bottoms or sides of platforms, as well as the walls of the chamber. When falling from a high place, a poorly-aimed pounce can still give you the height you need to glide back to a platform.
  • Dragon's Pounce has much greater vertical height (when aimed above you) than Dragon's Wing.
  • Using Dragon's Wing, deploying your glider, then using Dragon Surge is an excellent way to cross long horizontal gaps.
  • The path of the adventure is the same as the Egg Bearer jumping puzzle, and the puzzle can be completed by completing the adventure.
  • Players can use Ward's Remembrance for a nice speed boost during all the adventure.


Glider Basics.pngGlider Basics (Gliding Level 1)
Exalted Acceptance.pngExalted Acceptance (Exalted Lore Level 2) - To access the area. Alternatively, you can also reach the area after Battle in Tarir.
Lean Techniques.pngLean Techniques (Gliding Level 3) — Provides extra speed and maneuverability.
Advanced Gliding.pngAdvanced Gliding (Gliding Level 5) — Reduces the time spent waiting for glider endurance to regenerate.
Blazing Speed Mushrooms.pngBlazing Speed Mushrooms (Itzel Lore Level 3) - Appear along the path.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Dragon's Wing (skill).png Dragon's Wing 10 Use the power of wind to lift yourself high in the air.
2 Dragon Surge.png Dragon Surge 10 Use the power of light to surge forward. Damages nearby foes.
2 Redirect Arrow.pngDragon Surge.png Dragon Cancel 1 Stop moving at the speed of light.
3 Dragon's Pounce.png Dragon's Pounce 10 Use the power of air to pounce across great distances.
0 Return.png Quit End the transformation and forfeit the adventure.


First-time reward[edit]

Reward tier Time Experience Reward
Gold < 2:35 80,010 Experience.png Auric Basin.png Sanctum Scramble: Gold
Silver < 3:00 40,005 Experience.png Auric Basin.png Sanctum Scramble: Silver
Bronze < 3:30 26,670 Experience.png Bag of Gear.pngBag of Gear

Daily reward[edit]

Reward tier Time Experience Reward
Gold < 2:35 24,003 Experience.png Adventure reward gold.pngSanctum Scramble: Gold
Silver < 3:00 16,002 Experience.png Adventure reward silver.pngSanctum Scramble: Silver
Bronze < 3:30 13,335 Experience.png Adventure reward bronze.pngSanctum Scramble: Bronze

Related achievements[edit]


  • The time limit to achieve gold was increased by 5 seconds in the April 19th, 2016 update.