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Young Mushrooms

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Young Mushrooms

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Young Mushrooms map.jpg
Falling route from the Wanderer's Waypoint

At the jungle's floor in Tarnished Treetop, a group of Young Mushrooms lays out in the open, waiting for so much as a poke from adventurers. Upon interaction, a Champion Mushroom King will spawn from the mushrooms, and the defeat the mushroom king event will start. Complete the event within 10 minutes to obtain 10 hero points.

After this challenge has been completed for hero points, it can then be activated and completed daily for map currency, experience and additional rewards.

Getting there[edit]

Drop and glide down from just south of the Wanderer's Waypoint, avoiding any branches on the way down.



These mushrooms are young and vulnerable. It's odd that they're defenseless and in the open.
Hero point empty.pngTalk combat option tango.png Poke the mushroom.
Hero point.pngTalk end option tango.png Leave.