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The Floor Is Lava

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The correct title of this article is The Floor Is Lava?. The substitution or omission of the ? is because of technical restrictions.


The Floor is Lava?

Event maps
The Floor Is Lava map.jpg

Kick rockvine fruit and retrieve as many spores as you can before time runs out!

— Adventure objective

The Floor Is Lava? is an adventure in Tarnished Treetop. Upon beginning the adventure, rockvine fruits around the adventure area may be kicked to produce spore clusters that fall to the ground for gathering.

Getting there[edit]

The way to the start of the adventure.
The adventure area.
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The starting point is southwest of Waypoint (map icon).png Wanderer's Waypoint, on the surface level. Jump down to the ground to the southwest from Wanderer's Waypoint and enter a small cave entrance by some Mushroom enemies to find the adventure.


The floor is covered with clouds that inflict Corrosive Spores, which damage the player and place you in combat, slowing you, though while standing on a spore cluster you will not receive Corrosive Spores stacks. Avoiding the clouds, and thus the slow, will substantially improve navigation time. Players must go to each flower and interact with it to knock the spore cluster out of it onto the ground. Do not remain on the ground for too long to avoid getting damaged and put into combat. Picking up spore clusters performs a large vertical jump and gives you credit towards the adventure goal.

The adventure will end either if all spores have been gathered, if the player takes lethal damage, or if the timer runs out.


Bouncing Mushrooms.pngBouncing Mushrooms (Itzel Lore Level 1) — Recommended. Mushrooms can be used to navigate through the room quickly, to get out of the Corrosive Spores, and to collect spores.
Blazing Speed Mushrooms.pngBlazing Speed Mushrooms (Itzel Lore Level 3) — Speed Boost Mushrooms are located on the course for a speed boost, and will help you traverse the room significantly faster as they can be found in multiple places around the cave.


All player skills are locked during this Adventure as you're only required to interact with the Rockvine Fruits and Spore Clusters.


One potential path to 25 of the clusters.
Another potential path to all clusters.

The key to succeeding in this adventure is to figure out a route that will allow you to knock down as many rockvine fruits and pick up their fallen spore clusters as quickly as possible. This route has to allow you to traverse the entire map, minimizing the distances you need to travel and any backtracking needed to get spore clusters. At the same time, your movements between any of the points have to be as efficient as can be to save time.


  • You can pick up the Celeritas Spores speed buff from the Speed Boost Mushroom at the starting point of the adventure before starting it. The buff will remain even upon activating the adventure. Doing so will save you from having to backtrack to get it.
  • You can walk on the floor for a very short amount of time without getting the Corrosive Spore debuff. This is faster than leaping and gliding. If the distance between two points is particularly short, this should be done.
  • You do not need to be particularly close to the rockvine fruits or spore clusters to interact with them. You can save time by interacting with them as soon as you can while approaching them, even if it seems they are actually still some distance away.
  • The Bouncing Mushroom on the Eastern side of the adventure area will land you close enough to the nearby rockvine fruit that you do not need to move closer to interact with it.
  • As soon as you kick a rockvine fruit, move towards where its spore cluster should land, even if it hasn't done so. The animation of kicked spore clusters is deceptive; as soon as you kick a rockvine fruit, its spore cluster will be present and active on the floor even if it hasn't landed.
  • There are three mushroom platforms in the adventure area composed of a cluster of three stalks with a rockvine fruit atop the tallest stalk. The rockvine fruit can only be interacted with if you are standing on the tallest or middle stalk. These are the most difficult to land on accurately in the adventure due to their height and small area. When jumping on or gliding to them, try to aim for the tallest stalk.
  • Be willing to experiment. Even where this wiki and other sources provide routes to follow, it is quite possible to discover alternatives that you may find easier or quicker to do.
  • Be determined and patient. Even with a route worked out, this adventure is quite difficult, particularly when going for Gold. You will need to do this adventure several times just to get the route you are following memorized and get your movements as sharp and swift as possible.


First-time reward[edit]

Reward tier Spores collected Experience Reward
Gold 25 80,010 Experience.png Auric Basin.png The Floor Is Lava?: Gold
Silver 15 40,005 Experience.png Auric Basin.png The Floor Is Lava?: Silver
Bronze 5 26,670 Experience.png Bag of Gear.pngBag of Gear

Daily reward[edit]

Reward tier Spores collected Experience Reward
Gold 25 24,003 Experience.png Adventure reward gold.pngThe Floor Is Lava?: Gold
Silver 15 16,002 Experience.png Adventure reward silver.pngThe Floor Is Lava?: Silver
Bronze 5 13,335 Experience.png Adventure reward bronze.pngThe Floor Is Lava?: Bronze

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