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Disambig icon.png This article is about the generic NPC in Southsun Cove. For the speed boons NPC in Lion's Arch, see Tourist (speed boons).

Tourists can be found in various warm, relaxing beaches, with many in Southsun Cove, where the Consortium have set up a resort. While the Consortium is endeavoring to create a "world-class" vacation resort, the reality is just slightly different. At present, most tourists are human, but a smattering of the more "enlightened" Asura, Sylvari, Norn, and Charr dilettantes have wended there way to this "paradise".


Maguuma Jungle


Southsun Cove[edit]

Irate tourist talking to Advisor Lorcan
What a scam. They promised me "deluxe accommodations fit for royalty," and I get a scarp of canvas on a wet rock, surrounded by hungry skelk. I demand a refund!
Talk end option tango.png I'd say you deserve one
Near Pride Point Waypoint
I signed up for a "fun-filled island safari," but I didn't realize it meant going face-to-face with vicious, hard-shelled sea demons.
Talk end option tango.png When the Consortium's involved, always read the fine print.
Young Tourist wearing a green dress near Pearl Islet Waypoint
Hey there! Want to help us explore? My dad says these boats are from when the big karka got all riled up and started smashing things.
Talk end option tango.png Your dad's right. And they still could be dangerous.
Young Charr cub Tourist near Pearl Islet Waypoint
I know what they say, but I'm not afraid of water. I just don't like getting wet. If you had a coat like mine, you'd understand.
Talk end option tango.png I believe you, kid.


During Last Stand at Southsun
No restaurants, no five-star beach cabanas...but plenty of savage, voracious sea monsters. This is not up to the Consortium's usual resort standards.
Talk end option tango.png I agree.