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Wounded Soldiers are Ebon Vanguard members both found in the Hunter's Gorge and found resting at the Ebonhawke Delegation at the Warrior's Crown.

Others include members of the Pact who survived the destruction of the Pact fleet in Verdant Brink and regrouped at the Vigil camp in Stonetwist Paths, but are too badly injured to continue fighting. Upon the arrival of Doctor Elly and the other two Vigil officers, they are able to recover and become regular soldiers.

Wounded Order of the Sunspears members can be found in the Allied Encampment.

Wounded charr of the United Legions can be found resting at the medic tents in the United Legions Base Camp at the Umbral Grotto.


Crystal Desert
Heart of Maguuma
Shiverpeak Mountains

Heart involvement[edit]

Complete heart (map icon).png Harass the ogres of Foulbear Kraal (33)

Combat abilities[edit]

Verdant Brink[edit]