Private Edwin "Headspin" Maynard

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Private Edwin "Headspin" Maynard is an Ebon Vanguard soldier trying to repel griffons from the Griffonclaw Peak.




Oy. I don't suppose you have an itch to do some good, do you? We've got an infestation of griffons.
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An infestation of griffons?
They're worse than rats. They're bigger, meaner, and they breed faster. If we don't do regular culling of their eggs, the griffon population gets out of control. It's not pretty. So, what do you say?
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Why do you care how many griffons there are?
Two reasons. First, it means fewer attacks on our foot stores and patrols. Griffons are a menace. Second, the ogres train them to fight at their sides. We have enough trouble with ogres without having to also fight pet griffons.
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I see what you mean.
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That sounds like trouble. I'll help as I can.
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Sorry. I don't have time right now.