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Killeen was a Sylvari necromancer born of the Cycle of Night. She is described as being honest, direct, focused and cunning. While being a little naive and oblivious to how other races view death, she was keen to explore the new world.

Killeen first met Dougal Keane in the crypts under Divinity's Reach as part of a krewe assembled by the asura golemancer Clagg in order to find the Golem's Eye. After that job, she later met Dougal again with Riona Grady and accompanied them on their journey to the Ascalon City Ruins. Her main reasons for going along was to examine the Ascalonian ghosts in person, and to have the honor of being one of the first sylvari to enter the haunted city. However, she died en route to the city attempting to save Gullik Oddsson from a branded guardian within the Dragonbrand. She was buried in the Secluded Glen of Fields of Ruin.



  • Killeen is an ancient Irish surname meaning "bright-headed".