Ebon Vanguard Archer Leona

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Ebon Vanguard Archer Leona is an Ebonhawke representative at the peace conference at Summit Peak.



The charr are ferocious in battle, but in person they seem a little more...human. We were just trading stories we were told about growing up.
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Oh? What were you told growing up in Ebonhawke?
That Ash Legion scouts stalked the streets at night looking for naughty children who were out past their bedtime.
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So, what happened when they caught the kids?
We heard the bad children were used to fuel their gigantic war machines. Tossed into the furnace alive and screaming!
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That's a little far-fetched.
Yeah, this charr said that human flesh and blood made for lousy fuel. I
pretty sure that was a joke...right?
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Heh, I'm sure.
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That's disturbing.
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Not interested.