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Tactician Kranxx was an asura engineer and a member of the Vigil. He was especially gifted at tampering with asura gates and helped Dougal Keane, Riona Grady, Killeen, Ember Doomforge, and Gullik Oddsson sneak into and out of Ebonhawke on their way to Ascalon City to retrieve the Claw of the Khan-Ur.

In Ascalon City Kranxx adjusted the Golem's Eye that he had received earlier from Dougal. After recalibrating its matrix, he used it to animate a giant golem composed of every bone in Ascalon City. Using this golem, he challenged the Sorcerer-King, Adelbern, who had cornered the team. He was last seen riding the giant bone golem into battle against Adelbern. According to Dougal, Kranxx "died a hero", sacrificing himself to distract Adelbern long enough for the rest of Dougal's team to finish their mission.