Ebon Vanguard weapons

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Ebon Vanguard weapons

Cultural weapons
Karma weapons
Req. level
40, 60, 80

Ebon Vanguard weapons are three tiers of rare weapons that can be obtained for 9,800 Karma.png, 35,000 Karma.png, or 63,000 Karma.png per piece from Cadet Rashell, Cadet Ostin, or Cadet Krysta, respectively. They are found near Kestrel Market in the Stronghold of Ebonhawke in the Fields of Ruin. Alternatively, during the Ebon Vanguard Mobilizing Allies bonus event, they can be bought from a Merchant in the Eye of the North.


Tier 1
Power.png Power Vitality.png Vitality
1-Handed 41 29
2-Handed 82 59
Tier 2
Power.png Power Toughness.png Toughness Vitality.png Vitality
1-Handed 70 50 50
2-Handed 141 100 100
Tier 3
Power.png Power Toughness.png Toughness Vitality.png Vitality
1-Handed 106 75 75
2-Handed 211 151 151


Item Type Skin link
Main hand
Ebon Vanguard Axe.png Ebon Vanguard Axe Axe
Ebon Vanguard Dagger.png Ebon Vanguard Dagger Dagger
Ebon Vanguard Mace.png Ebon Vanguard Mace Mace
Ebon Vanguard Pistol.png Ebon Vanguard Pistol Pistol
Ebon Vanguard Scepter.png Ebon Vanguard Scepter Scepter
Ebon Vanguard Sword.png Ebon Vanguard Sword Sword
Off hand
Ebon Vanguard Focus.png Ebon Vanguard Focus Focus
Ebon Vanguard Shield.png Ebon Vanguard Shield Shield
Ebon Vanguard Torch.png Ebon Vanguard Torch Torch
Ebon Vanguard Warhorn.png Ebon Vanguard Warhorn Warhorn
Ebon Vanguard Greatsword.png Ebon Vanguard Greatsword Greatsword
Ebon Vanguard Hammer.png Ebon Vanguard Hammer Hammer
Ebon Vanguard Longbow.png Ebon Vanguard Longbow Longbow
Ebon Vanguard Rifle.png Ebon Vanguard Rifle Rifle
Ebon Vanguard Short Bow.png Ebon Vanguard Short Bow Short bow
Ebon Vanguard Staff.png Ebon Vanguard Staff Staff
Ebon Vanguard Speargun.png Ebon Vanguard Speargun Harpoon gun
Ebon Vanguard Dagger.png Ebon Vanguard Harpoon Spear
Ebon Vanguard Staff.png Ebon Vanguard Trident Trident



  • These weapons share their skins with the PvP Hawk weapons.
  • All tiers have the same skins.